2017 Fashion Trend-Lettering

The recent trend for 2017 is the lettering “trend,” where the main point of the look is to have a t-shirt with bold letters. Although this trend has been around for a while now, it’s been making a comeback again! Idols are wearing a lot more plain tees with letters as well. “Lettering” used to be nearly nonexistent last year because of the graphic tee fashion, but it seems to be making a stronger comeback this year! Most wear white or black tees in order for the letters to stand out, but you can choose whatever style tee you want. Check out a couple of idols’ “lettering” fashion in the gallery below!


Hyuna’s been seen sporting this look multiple times. Her sweater’s turtleneck helps to add a bit more dimension to the plain sweater. And it looks like she personlized her second tee! Was this worn during Troublemaker promotions?

Red Velvet Irene


Irene took mixed the oversize fashion trend with the lettering trend. Her sweater looks perfectly comfortable and stylish for a long plane ride.

Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi takes the bold lettering on a collared shirt, which gives the white canvas some life. The length of the shirt also helps to add additional styling to her strightforward look.

SM Rookies

Here, the stars take a very simplistic approach to the trend. Minimal designs, basic colors, and bold letters.

Seventeen Woozi

Woozi takes a different approach from the others. Instead of having the letters printed on the front of his tee, he opts to have it on his sleeve.

Seventeen Joshua

Joshua, as well as the rest of Seventeen during Mansae, took plain suits and added a nametag of sorts to give off a more casual vibe. Most of us probably don’t have our own personal name tag at home, but it’s worth taking a note of the unique twist to the trend.

Monsta X Hyungwon

Hyunwon takes a minimalistic approach to the trend here as well. One thing to note is the size of his letters. While most use bold lettering on their tees, Hyunwon shows here that smaller print can have its own place in the “lettering” trend.

Yoo In Na

Although she’s not an idol, I thought I’d add the “Goblin” star in here too. She takes a very glamorous approach to “lettering,” pairing the tee with a trench coat and bright lavendar heels. It’s definetely a harder look, but she manages to pull it off.


Which celeb do you think had the most unique look? Comment below and try this out next time you need ideas for a casual day out!

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