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All those colorful MV’s, the playful personalities, flawless makeup, perfectly choreographed dances~ Let’s face it: whether girl or guy, there has to have been at least ONE time when you sincerely wanted to be a Kpop star… While it might be quite difficult to audition, find an agency, train for a million years (yes, we’re … Read more FEMALE KPOPSTAR HAIRSTYLE


korea korean girls women kpop idol celebrities kdrama long layered wavy hairstyles kpopstuff

Wanting to keep your long hair but sick of the same-old cut? Go for a layered hairstyle! Layers help hair look thicker, make your face seem smaller, and suit all face-shapes  This particular style would be recommended for those looking for an easy-to-maintain, easy to dry hairstyle change… First! Let’s see what the client’s hair … Read more WAVY-LAYERED CUT


korea korean trending hot hairstyle for girls women short hair c-curled perm see through bangs kpop idol fall winter hairstyles kpopstuff main pic

Looking for a lovely look that still fits the winter months and will look good even into the spring? Look no further! This is the hottest style in Korea right now~ This hairstyle incorporates multiple trends of the past year into one epic hairstyle! First, the still craze~ing short hair trend. Also the C-curl perm … Read more HOT! STYLE : SHORT C-CURL PERM WITH SEE THROUGH-BANGS


kpop idol girls groups korean ulzzang beauty bloggers heart shaped bangs for girls korean asian kpopstuff trending hairstyles

You may have heard of this adorable hairstyle that’s been trending among Korean beauty trendsetters (ulzzangs), but ladies, get ready to freak out over the adorableness~ Called heart bangs, this newest style has been trending for a while now. There are many different styles, including long, short, colorful, curled, and straight heart-bangs. When you search … Read more HEART-BANGS


kpop girl group nine muses member kpop idol kyungri comma hair for girls korean asian kpopstuff styling bangs kpopstuff

We’ve been seeing the comma hairstyle everywhere in the Hallyu world, with actors and kpop idols captured wearing this look to many different events. You may have noticed that the comma hairstyle is mostly a guy trend; however, you’ll find the trend is now gaining popularity among girls as well. A popular pioneer of the … Read more COMMA HAIR FOR GIRLS

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