Darker Kpop Hair Looks for the Winter Season

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No one can deny that the winter season is here ~ And while that means a lot of things we can’t help but dislike (below freezing temperatures, heavy clothing, snow shoveling), there are things that we can look forward to… including new hair trends fit for the winter season! It’s no secret that Kpop idols … Read more Darker Kpop Hair Looks for the Winter Season

Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Hairstyle

Summer’s coming to a close, at least up in the States. Fall has made it’s way in. Sweaters to match the chilly winds, along with our favorite drinks to keep us warm while we wait for the long winter to pass by. So long to our favorite pair of shorts, high ponytails, ice-cold drinks, and … Read more Red Velvet’s Two-Tone Hairstyle

Hwang Seung Un’s Two Tone Hair Fit for a Femme Fatale

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Hwang Seung Un has made a name for herself in many dramas including Sweden Laundry, Madame Antoine, and the popular web-drama Thumping Spike. She recently caught eyes at the 2018 Seoul Fashion Week sponsored by Hera, where she sported a look that I couldn’t wait to show everyone. Get reading to be shocked as we … Read more Hwang Seung Un’s Two Tone Hair Fit for a Femme Fatale

Sulli’s New Instagram Hairstyles

Sulli once again caused a stir with netizens for another one of her instagram posts. Sulli sure has a lot of fans that always like to talk about all her personal choices! This time, her hair was the topic of heated netizen discussion. No, she didn’t post another video of her DIY haircut, but she did … Read more Sulli’s New Instagram Hairstyles

LOONA Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair

LOONA still hasn’t debuted as a full group yet, but all the members that have been introduced sure are busy! Some members have debuted with group promotions, while others debuted with solos! Other members are featuring in the webdrama, Our First Love Story. The triple H members, Heejin, Hyunjin, and HaSeul are starring, but Vivi … Read more LOONA Vivi’s Pink Grapefruit Hair

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