Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

So, if you aren’t already aware of Seventeen’s comeback with “Clap,” I, as an admin, would personally like to reccomend that you go and check it out. But, since most of us in the Kpop community have heard about their latest comeback, I think it’s time I make another Seventeen post. Just warning you guys, … Read more Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

BTS Go Go Bandana Fashion

Bandana has been a Kpop fashion classic for at least a solid 5 years. It can be used for a playful, hipster, or even cutesy concept! It’s definetely a go-to fashion item for both boy group and girl group stylists! From IOI to Big Bang members, first, second, AND third generation idols, there isn’t any … Read more BTS Go Go Bandana Fashion

The Parting Perm Combined with the Two Block for a HOT STYLE

korea korean kpop idol artist group male model parting perm two block cut haircut curly wavy hairstyle guys men kpopstuff

Everyone who’s dipped their feet into the Hallyu world knows that The Two Block Haircut is the latest trending look, seen all around the streets of Seoul. But a new look has emerged, fusing the two block haircut with a parting perm two create THIS latest HOT STYLE!    But first, let’s shock you with … Read more The Parting Perm Combined with the Two Block for a HOT STYLE

The Hime Cut – A Japanese Look Trending in Korea

Red velvet Irene hime cut short king hairstyle haircut pop korean idol

The latest trending Kpop hairstyle is a Japanese look?! While Korea and Japan have had some strained relations in the past, pop culture has played a part in bringing them ever closer together. The Hime cut has officially been adopted by big-name Korean stars that have helped in popularizing this look to the Korean public. Anime fans and … Read more The Hime Cut – A Japanese Look Trending in Korea

Seventeen’s Orange Hair Colors

Seventeen came over to the states just a couple days ago for their Diamond Edge world tour in the States! While all the U.S fans were excited, or at least the fans that were lucky enough to go the the concert were, we were all a little sad to hear that Hoshi wouldn’t be able … Read more Seventeen’s Orange Hair Colors

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