Kpop Idols Wearing Sun hats

I know that this title can be a bit confusing a lot of our readers. Over here in the U.S, it’s the middle of the winter, so sun hats and anything related to sun protection is probably the last thing on our minds. We’re more worried about whether or not we can survive any more days of the dark and dreary winter. But, I’ve been missing the summer a little bit, so I decided, why not bring a little bit of summer back to us? Also, I love when sun hats are used as a fashion statement, so I’m a little sad at how underrated sun hats are in Kpop fashion. So, without further ado, let’s dive in to the wonderful world of Kpop Idols wearing sun hats, to relieve our mid-winter misery!

Kpop Idols Wearing Sun Hats


Dara was one of the idols that I might dare say was a sun hat lover. She did seem to wear it frequently, and it worked really well with her visuals as well! This wide-brimmed, black hat is from 2NE1’s “Missing You” shoot, and you can see her rocking this in the group’s music video. The wide brim of black really sets off her platinum blonde hair! Paired with her outfit, she looks like a mix of vintage and modern styles, and the hat really manages to pull her whole look in together.

Secret’s Hyosung

Hyosung’s hat is a bit smaller than what we saw on Dara, but what this hat lacks in size it makes up for in color! This red-wine color is a perfect fit for her outfit, which also has a lot of magenta and purple-based designs on it. The shorter, floppier brim goes really well with her hair as well! She makes a statement with her sun hat, and her goddess-like curls only add to the look!

Red Velvet’s Irene

I’m in love with this look. This sun hat is everything: it’s colorful, big, and floppy! Paired with Irene’s visuals, of course, probably gives this hat an extra boost, but the brightness and boldness of the hat is definitely unique. Most of the idols we see wearing sun hats choose hats with more toned-down colors like black or brown, but not Irene! I’m also loving how she went all-out red for this look. I usually don’t like monotone outfits, but this one is a bit different.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon is also another idol that may be a sun hat lover, but that also could just be due to the fact that she’s been in the Kpop industry for so long. With nearly 11 years of stardom, there probably isn’t a single look that she hasn’t tried out! Her sun hat here is a caramel brown, which I think is a really nice color to wear during the fall and maybe even the winter. Her hat is also on the smaller side, which allows for her platinum blonde locks to show out.

NCT’s Jaehyun

The sun hat fashion isn’t only for the female Idols! NCT’s Jaehyun was spotted wearing a decent-sized, floppy black hat at the Dream Concert last year. His hat was a nice contrast from his nearly all-white outfit, and it looked classy enough for him to wear it on the red carpet!


GD also has made some nice statements with these sunhats! And of course, like in everything else he does, he styles himself a bit more unique than what we’ve seen from the other kpop idols wearing sun hats. No, it’s not the color, though the grey-ish tone of this sun hat is a bit more different than what we’ve seen. Instead of a floppy sun hat, he chose to wear one with a structured brim. I feel like this gives more of a modern feel, rather than a more casual look.

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