REVIEW: Goodal Keratina Anti-Aging Double Serum Light

Here in the States, we were slammed with yet another snowstorm, even though it’s April. The dry and cold winter winds haven’t left us yet, and that means a lot more suffering for our skin. Luckily, I was able to scavenge around and find a perfect skincare product for winter skin, especially dry skin! Enter: Goodal’s Keratina … Read more REVIEW: Goodal Keratina Anti-Aging Double Serum Light

Korean Lip Care for the Winter

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Winter’s here, and for most of us skincare junkies, that means it’s time to add those extra two moisturizing steps into your daily routine. And, who can blame us for that? When the temperatures are below freezing and the wind is constantly blowing at 75 miles per hour every time you step outside, not putting on those extra layers of moisture seems like skin suicide. But, while we pile loads and loads of different serums and moisturizers, we forget to another important part of our face-our lips. Almost all of us will completely toss our lip care aside, but I think that we forget how important our lips are for looking healthy. Your skin could be glowing, but if your lips and crackling and pale, you’ll still look like you just climbed out of a hospital bed. There’s a reason why so many k-idols keep lip tint as their staple makeup item! Color and plumpness is important! Most of us will just slather on Vaseline or a thin lip balm, but just like your skincare, that probably won’t cut it during the winter. So, what should you do if you want to keep your lips soft and pink during the freezing winter? Just treat it like another skincare routine-layer and layer for your lip care! Let’s go through some steps recommended by Korean vloggers and experts from Get It Beauty for the ultimate Korean Lip Care Routine!

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Korean Lip Care

Step One: Exfoliate!

Ask any Korean vlogger, and I’ll bet you that they have an extensive lip care routine as well as skincare routine. The first step? Exfoliation, of course! Make sure you aren’t too harsh on your lips! Choose something with natural exfoliants, like sugar and honey.

Step Two: Moisturize

Layer One

This next step is from a Get It Beauty episode from a while ago. After exfoliating your lips, take aloe vera gel, and slather it all over your lips. This works in the same way that a lip mask would. If you’d rather take the lip mask, go ahead! Even male idols like BAP’s Youngguk use these lip masks!


Layer 2: Lip Balm

After your first layer of moisture, now you go follow through with what we usually use on our lips- lip balm. Only, you don’t want to put it on as you normally would! According to the experts on Get It Beauty, you want to apply the lip balm upwards and downwards, following the natural lines of your lips. This way, you don’t damage the layer of skin on your lips!

Make sure to keep a lip balm at hand at all times, not just at the night! Girls’ Generation Sunny says that she never leaves the house without a lip balm of some sort. That would explain her million-dollar plump lips!

Anyone remember when this lip balm went viral?


Layer 3: Seal It All In!
 After your regular lip balm, you can seal the moisture in with either a heavy-duty moisturizer like Vaseline, or you can go in with a sleeping mask or serum. These products make sure to seal all the moisture in, and give your lips the final lock of all the dewy-ness!

Products like Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask are viral in Korea for their ability to lock in that extra moisture!

There’s your winter’s guide to the Korean Lip Care routine! Follow these steps, and you won’t ever have to see dry, colorless lips ever again!


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Kpop Idols’ Orange Makeup


Although it’s been a trending color for years, orange is officially back in season. And as usual, we can always spot the trendiest colors being worn by our favorite idols. Orange can be a scary color for some people, so why not find some inspiration in the trendiest idols? From natural looks to glizty shadows, Kpop Idols themselves have proved that orange is one of the most versatile colors of the makeup world. Check through the gallery to see these Kpop Idols’ orange makeup looks, and see what you can use!






One of the first idols that come to my mind when I think of orange makeup is definetely BlackPink’s Jennie. Blackpink’s only had a couple of songs since their debuts, but I think she’s rocked orange in every one of their music videos. In the first and last looks, Jennie keeps the orange screaming through her whole look. She uses a stronger orange hue in her eye makeup in the first look, and in the last look, she uses a softer orange throughout her whole look, including her lips. The ombre lips help to make the orange seem less out-of-place. In the second picture, she uses a similar shade of orange in the third, uses a bit of pink to make the orange seem softer. Great for those that don’t want to make too much of a dramatic difference.



Rose shows how to use the orange in a darker look. Strong eyeliner is the main focus of her look, but the hints of brown, orange and pinky-peach eye colors help to blur the strong eyeline in with the rest of her face. Instead of going straight from black eyeliner to her pale complexion, the brown, orange and pink make a nice transition-shade from the liner to the skin. A good tip for those wanting to do a smoky cat-eye.


Lee Sung Kyung


Even though she’s not technically an idol, I thought that it would only be right to include Lee Sung Kyung. Since she’s also a model, there’s no way that she’s going to miss a hot trend. In this look, the actress uses a lip color that has orange and red mixed in. It’s a great idea for those who just want to transition into the orange trend. It’s also good for people who don’t think they look particularly look their best with a straight-out orange.



We can’t miss the hottest trends without showing the “most beautiful face in the world,” for two years in a row! (I think, it might even be more.) Nana is well-known in South Korea as well as internationally for her stunning visuals. It’s only right that she appears in one of our examples to follow. Here, she focuses the orange eyeshadow on her undereyes, or aegyossal. She mixes the orange in with pink onto her top lid, and it looks like a bit of orange was added to the inner and outer edges of her lips. Try following this style and focus a lot of the orange on your undereyes. If you don’t want to go straight out orange with the lips, you can follow her example and use a peach/pink lip color in the middle of your lips. Then, take an orange eyeshadow and use a brush to pat some onto the inner and outer edges of your lips. It’ll be the most subtle orange lip you can get.




Now, time to get some insiprations from male idols! Jimin also used the orange heavily in this look. The orange eyeshadow is darker on the outer corners, and slowly fades out as he gets closer to the bridge of his nose. It looks like he used an orange tint for his lip color as well.







I’m going to combine both Jisoo and Seungcheol’s orange makeup looks, since they both carry the same general point. Seventeen in general hasn’t really worn much heavy makeup. (I mean after their debut) So, I thought that their makeup point would be really useful to viewers who don’t usually add a ton of eyeshadow. They both have pretty clean eyes, but their lips both have an orange hue to them. If a ton of makeup isn’t your thing, remember that even having a lip color can add a lot more life and dimension to your usual look.

Which orange look do you think you’ll be trying out next time?

KBEAUTY-Cleansing Tools and Their Uses

Hi guys! So, yesterday I made a post on how to clean your facial cleansing brushes, and earlier this week, I finally bought a new silicone cleansing pad to replace my facial brush, so I thought, why not do a blog on the different cleansing tools? Today we’ll be going over the 3 basic types of cleasnig tools that you can use. They’ll be the facial brushes, silicone pads, and sponges. Of course, there’s different variations in each category, like electrically powered brushes, but we’ll just stick to the general categories today.

Facial Brushes


Facial Brushes are basically brushes made of soft fibers that have a sort of handle at the end. You would wet the brush, dab a bit of your favorite cleanser on the bristles, and cleanse you face in a circular motion with the brush. It’s extremely soft and non-irritating, so those with extremely sensitive skin would probably enjoy it.


  • Extremely Gentle
  • Manual brushes are very cheap.
  • Deeper cleanse than when using hands
  • Long fibers can clean hard-to-reach areas like the corners of the nose


  • Have to be replaced every 3 months
  • Have to be sanitized at least once a week
  • Bristles take a long time to dry completely (Usually around 8 hours)

If you are looking for a facial brush, here are some good options:

Cleansing Sponges


Facial sponges work similarly to the facial brushes, only these cleansing tools have woven fibers instead of bristles. It can vary depending on the sponge shape, but they are also often able to reach harder-to-reach areas. Sponges often need to be sanitized weekly as well. Place the sponge in steaming hot water for around 4 minutes, then let air dry. Be sure to replace them at least every 3 months!


  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Portable
  • Requires a very small amount of


  • Needs to be sanitized weekly
  • Must be replaced every 3 months
  • Konjac sponges may disintegrate over time

Here are a few popular options for sponges:


Silicone Pore Brushes


Silicone pore brushes are probably the newest addition to the mainstream family of cleansing tools. They work in a similar manner as the sponge and brush, but the advantage is how it doesn’t have to be replaced, and it doesn’t have to be sanitized. Because they’re made of silicone, bacteria won’t be able to grow on them, which means no need for sanitization. If you really want to clean it, just throw this into a cup of boiling water to sterilize it.


  • Long-lasting (Can last for years)
  • No need for sanitation
  • Dries quickly
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Very Cheap


  • Handle on the back make be hard to grip for some

Here are some options for those looking for a silicone pore brush!

Hope this review helped anyone looking for a new cleansing tool! I’ve used all three cleansing tools before, but I definetely feel like the silicone pore brush is the best deal. It works just as well, if not better, than the other tools, and I don’t have the hassle of cleaning and replacing it all the time. That said, I know everyone’s skin is different, so try and see which one would be best for you!


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