Korean Makeup Trend: Red Blush

I’ve just come to realize the importance of blush in your makeup routine. Not only does it make your skin look clear and flawless, it helps to add a healthy flush to your face so you look more vibrant and outgoing. Depending on the color, you can change the overall vibe that you give others. For example, pinks are for doll-like looks, peaches are for a healthy glow, apricots and muave colors are for an earthy, sophisticated look, and orange for a bright and daring day. There are, however, a couple of blush colors that are able to give you just about any kind of look you want, whether it be innocent or sophisticated. One of these colors is red. Red blush can be used for a youthful, innocent look, or a modern, more sophisticated look. It all depends on what you pair it with, and how you apply it!

Red blush has been trending in Korea for quite a while now, as has the red eyeshadow trend. Korea seems to have quite the obsession with red colors! Apparently, the reason for red blush’s popularity in Korea is for the versatility. It’s such a vibrant color, but can be used in so many ways to give off a different mood for each of the models. Today, we’ll be going through a few examples of common ways Korean women use red blush, and how they apply it in different ways for a different look.


Korean Makeup Trend: Red Blush

The “Igari” Look


In these first two examples, we see the look that’s typically what we think of when we try red blush. The “Igari,” or hangover look that was first popularized in Japan. The blush here is focused strongly on the center of the cheeks and applied with a heavier hand. Typically, people put the blush in a very obvious circular shape either on the center of their cheeks, or a bit to the side. This can be used as a drunken look, but also as a porcelain doll type of innocent look.


The Freckles Look


This look is the most common way you’ll see idols using red blush. Here, Yeri and Hyuna both use the red blush to “connect” their freckles in a way. The redness around the freckles makes it look like natural freckles from the sun, and it gives off a very childish and old-school vibe.


The “Modern Winter” Look

The easiest way to use red blush is by doing the winter look. When achieving this look, the blush is applied naturally to the cheeks with a fairly light hand, typically right on or right below the cheekbones. Loona’s Heejin uses the blush with a very light hand in a smaller surface area, which makes it look like she’s just come inside from the snow. The model on the bottom applies it lightly as well, but over a larger area of her cheek. This is more of a look that copies the look one would get from blushing.


Are there any other styles of red blush that you guys wanted to cover? Comment below if there’s anything we missed!


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