Tiffany’s Dress at the Erdem x H&M Launch Event

Girls’ Generation has had a lot of news surrounding the group and members. Going from nine to five members that have stayed under the label, the situation’s been looking grim for a lot of hardcore SONES. While we don’t know whether the members that left the label will continue to be a part of Girls’ … Read more Tiffany’s Dress at the Erdem x H&M Launch Event

SNSD Tiffany’s Cropped See-Through Bangs

You’d think that after all the different bangs that trended in Korea, there isn’t any more varieties left! From blunt bangs, see-through bangs, and heart bangs, Kpop idols have been through it all, or so we thought. It looks like a new variety of bangs was created by none other than Tiffany herself! It’s a … Read more SNSD Tiffany’s Cropped See-Through Bangs

SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes

SNSD’s “All Night” is filled with retro party vibes, which I don’t think anyone can complain about. The recent retro concept trend in a lot of Kpop music videos is really great. The fashion and makeup is getting so much more variety! Not to mention the hairstyles! I’m a huge sucker for the “Hippie Perms” … Read more SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes

SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion

SNSD just released their 10th anniversary relese, “Holiday Night!” The music video dropped on August 4th, but even the teasers have given us a handful of fashion advice! Everytime SNSD comes back, there’s always a new style that takes over in Korea. Old trends are new trends, and newer trends are old trends. The Girls’ Generation … Read more SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion


Korean kpop idol dancer girls generation SNSD Hyoyeon rainbow candy colored dye hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

The Kpop world is often described by Westerners in three words: colorful, eye-popping, and very different. Yes yes, many Korean pop bands emphasize the need for colorful and eye-popping designs. This can be said for their hair, fashion, and makeup as well. Today we will be exploring the craziest hair dyes female idols have tried… and … Read more CRAZIEST HAIR DYES (FEMALE EDITION)

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