Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

So, if you aren’t already aware of Seventeen’s comeback with “Clap,” I, as an admin, would personally like to reccomend that you go and check it out. But, since most of us in the Kpop community have heard about their latest comeback, I think it’s time I make another Seventeen post. Just warning you guys, … Read more Seventeen’s “Clap” Hair Colors-Hyung Line

Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors

It looks like I’m already falling behind schedule. Seventeen’s TEEN,AGE concept photos were somehow already released while I was unknowingly going about my day, so here I am, last minute and late to the party once again. I’m sure we’re all super excited, since it looks like this comeback could be a step away from their … Read more Seventeen’s Mint Hair Colors

Seventeen’s Orange Hair Colors

Seventeen came over to the states just a couple days ago for their Diamond Edge world tour in the States! While all the U.S fans were excited, or at least the fans that were lucky enough to go the the concert were, we were all a little sad to hear that Hoshi wouldn’t be able … Read more Seventeen’s Orange Hair Colors

PRODUCE 101 Kim Samuel’s Two-Block Hair

Produce 101 came to a (pretty disappointing) close about a month ago. There was some good and bad moments, through which Wanna One was formed. One of the most internationally popular trainees, Kim Samuel, wasn’t able to make the cut for the final lineup. That was pretty shocking for both his fans and himself, since he … Read more PRODUCE 101 Kim Samuel’s Two-Block Hair

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Hairstyle

I think we all know about the Two-Block, Poodle Bang and Hippie Perm hairstyle by now. They’re a popular choice for a lot of female idols, but what about males? Well, the male idols have a pretty similar style that we like to call the Ramen hairstyle. The Ramen hair had it’s glory days in the 2013-2015 … Read more SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Two-Block Poodle Hairstyle

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