Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

The two-block hairstyle is probably one of the hottest styles in Korea and most of Asia right now. Almost all the guys in Korea have it, and even more idols! Seventeen’s Joshua already showed that he’s a big fan, as well as the BTS members! But, let’s be honest for a moment, and ask the … Read more Big Bang’s Two-Block Hairstyles

G-Dragon Will Be Making His Comeback Very Soon!

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk has revealed that BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon will be making his comeback very soon! On May 29, Yang Hun Suk has shared a photo of production process on his Instagram page with the caption “#GD #GDRAGON #KwonJiyong #Jiyong #NEWALBUM #MixingInProcess #Verysoon #YG”. It has been revealed that G-Draon already finished shooting … Read more G-Dragon Will Be Making His Comeback Very Soon!

Taeyang’s Solo Comeback Is Confirmed!

YG Entertainment Founder Yang Hyun Suk has confirmed G-Dragon and Taeyang will make their solo comeback in early June. On May 30, Yang Hyun Suk shared a photo on his Instagram page with the caption “MY FAMILY MY BROTHER. In the final stage of recording. Everything is finished today. Definitely early June. I have been … Read more Taeyang’s Solo Comeback Is Confirmed!

IU “Palette” MV Fashion

IU recently had a comeback with her title track “Palette,” featuring none other than GD himself! To no one’s surpirse, the two artists’ star power and musical ingenious easiliy earned them an all-kill and over 20 million views. In addition to the music and lyrics, many viewers, including myself, appreciated the visual aesthetics, as well as the production.  The clothes that we’ll show you today were featured in the music video and were a large part of the visual aesthetic of the music video. Let’s take a look at a few of the outfits IU wore to show her mature side in IU “Palette! MV Fashion!”


IU “Palette” MV Fashion



u palette kpop fashion kpop mv gd gdragon comeback allkill korean fashion

First, we’ll start off with one of the most iconic looks from “Palette.” IU takes on a modern office look, only using the oversize blazer and blouse to make her outfit look more casual. In addition to her top, the bootcut jeans, which I”ve completely ignored for a while now, have made a comeback in her MV. They add a fun, adventurous feel to the workplace look. She’s able to turn the modern look into a sort of retro-vibe outfit, with the addition of a must-have accessory, her yellow-tinted sunglasses.


u palette kpop fashion kpop mv gd gdragon comeback allkill korean fashion

Next, IU takes on a more innocent and youthful look, with a flared chiffon-blue dress. It gives major spring-summer vibes, and would look perfect on a spring day outside.


u palette kpop fashion kpop mv gd gdragon comeback allkill korean fashion

The classic light-blue skinny jeans and loose white tee are in every aesthetic MV, and IU’s “Palette” is no exception! It’s hard to go wrong with such a classic look. I think almost everyone can agree that this look never gets old.


u palette kpop fashion kpop mv gd gdragon comeback allkill korean fashion

Finally, the last look that we’ll be looking at is from the ending seen of the MV. Here, she wears a thin, light pink sweater that is cropped only on one side of the sweater. It’s interesting, but not exactly necessary. There’s probably some unwriteen rule in Kpop, where every look in a music video has to have some sort of unique concept. So, the sweater took one for the team in this one. Not that we’re complaining. The soft-spoken sweater is paired with a blue, sequined skirt. The two contrasts balance each other out for the perfect look.

Which outfit was your favorite? Comment down below which look you think IU pulled off the best, and which outfit you want to try later.


korean kpop idol boy band group big bang gdragon GD GDragon ramen hair curly hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

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