korea korean kpop idol boy band group got7 jackson's two block hair cut hair blonde color undercut hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

Known for his bubbly, funny personality, GOT7’s Jackson has had insecurities about his hair since debut. However, he’s recently started being more comfortable showing off his hairstyles without his numerous hats, and for good reason. Today we’ll be looking at one of his best hairstyles yet: Jackson’s blonde hair.   Jackson’s blonde hairstyle here also shows … Read more GOT7 JACKSON’S BLONDE HAIR

BTS’ New Hairstyles for ‘You Never Walk Alone’ Comeback Teasers

korea korean kpop idol boy band group BTS you never walk alone hairstyles group hairstyles for guys kpopstuff main

BTS is already ready for their comeback! And with their last song Blood, Sweat & Tears winning them Artist of the Year at MAMA, their is a lot of hype (and still a lot of theories) for their new song. Bighit has released teasers (and the track list) for the group’s upcoming album: ‘You Never Walk … Read more BTS’ New Hairstyles for ‘You Never Walk Alone’ Comeback Teasers


korea korean kpop idol boy band group got7 GOT7 Mark's airport fashion layered look outfits for guys kpopstuff

GOT7 is currently touring the USA with their <Flying in USA 1st Concert Tour>! For those of us who can’t be there to experience the adrenaline-rushing music and flashy performance, we can at least dream..right? While we’re wishing, let’s go over some of GOT7 Mark’s airport fashion while GOT7 is busy taking FLIGHT (all over the … Read more GOT7 MARK’S AIRPORT FASHION


korea korean kpop idol boy band group bangtan boys BTS jimin's hair colors hairstyles for guys kpopstuff

Bangtan Boys aka BTS won Daesang (the highest award given at MAMA) and have a reputation for topping music charts every time they release a song! All the members’ hard work has finally payed off, as they’re now regarded as one of the top kpop bands during their time, along with other artists such as EXO … Read more BTS JIMIN’S HAIR COLORS


korea korean kpop idol boy band group BTS bangtan boys suga rapper bandana hairstyles workout gym hair for guys kpopstuff

Kpop idols have a unique thing with hair accessories, even (or especially) the guys. You’ll see them wearing cute headbands, hats, and hair clips during fanmeets and fan signs, and bandanas are certainly no exception. Idols usually use bandanas to keep hair out of their face during performances, but some choose to wear it as … Read more BANDANA HAIRSTYLES FOR GUYS

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