AOA’s ChoA Deleted All the Posts on Her Instagram

AOA‘s ChoA deleted all the pictures on her Instagram account after receiving great attention due to dating controversy.

Recently, ChoA deleted all the posts on her Instagram page, including her profile picture and her apology letter.

Her fans previously were concerned about her apparent absence from AOA activities, speculating she would be leaving AOA. But, she revealed that she was on a temporary break, apologizing and assuring fans.

But then it was reported that the idol singer was dating with Najin Corporation‘s director Lee Suk Jin. Her agency, FNC Entertainment, has denied that she is dating him. However, Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul was involved in the dating controversy as the alleged couple’s matchmaker, which made him frustrated with the rumor.

Meanwhile, ChoA has apologized via Instagram, saying

“I am very sorry that people who aren’t related to any of this are being harmed.”

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