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Seoul has been ranked at the top of Vogue’s “favorite Fashion Weeks for street style,” and it’s easy to see why. Koreans have been at the top of their fashion game for decades, influenced by European styles and trends. Kpop idol groups, as well as other national celebrities are known for their trendy, flawless looks. Today, … Read more Seoul Fashion Week Looks

Gong Hyo Jin’s Fashion in Jealousy Incarnate PART 1

Gong Hyo Jin’s latest drama Jealousy Incarnate recently had its finale, leaving everyone in despair, I’m sure. There’s nothing worse than the crashing realization that your favorite show has just ended, and that no, you won’t be seeing your OTPs sail off to the El Dorado (Exo appears everywhere) anymore. I haven’t seen the drama, but I’m sure that … Read more Gong Hyo Jin’s Fashion in Jealousy Incarnate PART 1

The Best of Han Hyo Joo’s Fashion in “W Two Worlds”

I’m sure that most of our readers have seen Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s latest drama, W Two Worlds. The drama was a hit, and everyone (including me) fell in love with the plot and execution of the drama. However, as I was watching, I couldn’t help but notice all of Han Hyo Joo’s amazing outfits as well. Every single one of her outfits were amazing, and probably even more so because it was worn by the actress herself. Since there was so many amazing outfits, I’ll be dividing this into different sections. Part 1 of Han Hyo Joo’s outfits will mostly be focusing on her one-piece outfits, or all her dresses. Enjoy!


alexandermcqueen, Han Hyo Joo, W Two Worlds
Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds Press Conference

Dress~Alexander McQueen Jacquard Knit Dress- $2,145


Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds

Dress~PRADA Floral One Piece-Unknown Price

Dupe: Blue Floral Party Dress Evening Cocktail Mini Dress- $28.99

Dupe available at:


Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds
Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds






Dress~MAJE Radeau Jacquard Maxi Dress-$480


Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds

Dress~Bride and You- Unknown Price


Han Hyo Joo W Two Worlds


Dress~CH Carolina Herrera Flower Embroidery Dress-Unknown Price


It’d sure be nice if the higher-end companies could actually have all their products on your website and show the prices. Would help a to save a lot of time, that’s for sure. Anyway, how did everyone enjoy part 1 of the series? Which dress was you favorite? The dupe that I found was through the internet, so if anyone does happen to purchase the dress, let me know how you think it compares to the actual thing. More next time!



2016 Korean Fashion Trend-“Homewear”

The most popular fashion trend of this year for Korean celebrities seemed to be the “homewear” trend. This newest fashion is the modern version of the “I woke up like this” trend from a few years back. The emphasis is to look as if there was minimal effort in picking your outfit that day-something comfy, casual, but at the same time effortlessly chic. This fashion trend would probably be categorized as a form of streetstyle, so this again is something that has many different possible outfit combinations. Check out some of the “homewear” outfits that idols have been seen wearing!







Seoul Fashion Week Highlights








In addition to idols, actresses have also become big fans of this comfortable trend. While idols like to add accessories to give the look a more glamorous and classy feel, the actresses in the dramas give a much more casual and toned down version of “homewear.” Here are a few “homewear” outfits that have been featured in various different dramas this year!

Gong Hyo Jin from The Producers


Kim Sarang from My Love EunDong


Kyung Soo Jin from House of Bluebird


Jung Yoo Jin from Heard it through the Grapevine


Lee Yoon Ji


Which one do you prefer? The more chic and classic look, or a casual and laid-back approach? Comment below on your favorite “homewear” outfit!


–>UP NEXT: The Best of Han Hyo Joo’s Fashion in “W Two Worlds” PART 1<–

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