Fiery Red TWO BLOCK HAIRCUT for Girls

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress trending fiery red bold two block haircut wavy permed hair haristyles for girls kpopstuff

We’re back with another HOT Style! You’ve probably heard about the two block haircut through the grapevine, and it’s no secret that Kpop idols, actors, and normal citizens alike are crazy about it. Previously, we’ve shown everyone a never-before-seen side of this hairstyle: a two block hairstyle for girls; and today we’ll be showing you … Read more Fiery Red TWO BLOCK HAIRCUT for Girls


korea korean kpop idol girls band group kdrama actress short bob hippie perm haircut hairstyles for girls kpopstuff main

So… you’ve wanted to change your looks for a while, and you’re really into the short bob look. BUT, you want a twist, something that will set you apart from everyone else with the same cut. Well, this short bob hippie perm look will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.   This hairstyle … Read more The UNIQUE SHORT BOB HIPPIE PERM


korea korean kpop idol girl group band how to kpopstar blonde gray ash hair color wavy hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

All those colorful MV’s, the playful personalities, flawless makeup, perfectly choreographed dances~ Let’s face it: whether girl or guy, there has to have been at least ONE time when you sincerely wanted to be a Kpop star… While it might be quite difficult to audition, find an agency, train for a million years (yes, we’re … Read more FEMALE KPOPSTAR HAIRSTYLE


korea korean kdrama actress kpop idol girl group haircut voluminous short bob hairstyles for girls left profile

Here is the perfect bob for you ladies who are in the “should I keep it long…or cut it short?” dilemma. This bob style is especially for those with normally flat, straight hair who are looking to up the volume~   Above, you will see two different parted looks on the model. Each part gives … Read more VOLUMINOUS SHORT BOB


korea korean girls women kpop idol celebrities kdrama long layered wavy hairstyles kpopstuff

Wanting to keep your long hair but sick of the same-old cut? Go for a layered hairstyle! Layers help hair look thicker, make your face seem smaller, and suit all face-shapes  This particular style would be recommended for those looking for an easy-to-maintain, easy to dry hairstyle change… First! Let’s see what the client’s hair … Read more WAVY-LAYERED CUT

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