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All those colorful MV’s, the playful personalities, flawless makeup, perfectly choreographed dances~ Let’s face it: whether girl or guy, there has to have been at least ONE time when you sincerely wanted to be a Kpop star… While it might be quite difficult to audition, find an agency, train for a million years (yes, we’re … Read more FEMALE KPOPSTAR HAIRSTYLE


korea korean drama kdrama hwarang actress go ara aro historical hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Go Ara has been making viewers laugh with her quirky personality in currently airing Kdrama “Hwarang.”* Ara plays the role of a young girl named A-ro, who captures the hearts of the King (played by ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik) and commoner (with a secret) Sun Woo (played by Park Seo Joon) with her cheerful personality. … Read more GO ARA’S HAIRSTYLES


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Wanting to keep your long hair but sick of the same-old cut? Go for a layered hairstyle! Layers help hair look thicker, make your face seem smaller, and suit all face-shapes  This particular style would be recommended for those looking for an easy-to-maintain, easy to dry hairstyle change… First! Let’s see what the client’s hair … Read more WAVY-LAYERED CUT


korean drama kdrama goblin actor lee dong wook grim reaper role wavy permed hairstyle hair for guys men kpopstuff asian

The Kdrama Goblin has soared through Asia’s most-watched drama charts, and the unique plot and handsome actors have been attracting attention from overseas as well. Korean actor Lee Dong Wook, having starred in Kdramas including Bubblegum, Blade Man, and Hotel King, plays a very different character in this fantasy drama. He is the quirky, amnesiac … Read more LEE DONG WOOK’S GOBLIN HAIRSTYLE


korean solo singer kpop ailee curly wavy permed hair hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

We all at times want what we don’t have, and it seems to be the same with hair. Those with straight hair want curls and curly haired ladies want sleek, straight hair. For those curly-haired gals who are tired of their tangled curls, here’s an appreciation post for you! These Korean kpop idols and actresses … Read more CURLY HAIR

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