Cosmic Girls Have Released a Lovely Group Teaser!

Cosmic Girls have released their group teaser for “HAPPY” before releasing their first full album on June 7th.

On May 28, their agency, Starship Entertainment, has posted a group teaser via Social Network Service, saying “Cosmic Girls HAPPY MOMENT COMEBACK 20170607”. The girl group will be releasing their first full album on June 7th.

Meanwhile, Cosmic Girls made their debut on February of 2016. The group’s rapper EXY appeared in “Unpretty Rapstar” as a contestant. Yeonjeong is a former I.O.I member and was a contestant in Mnet ‘Produce 101‘. Bona will be appearing in KBS 2TV ‘The Best Hit‘. Cheng Xiao has became a hot rising star in the entertainment and advertising world, gaining popularity.

Cosmic Girls will be making their comeback with their first full album on June 7th.

Stay tuned for updates about their comeback!

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