Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend hot to: dryed hair completed look finished

How to : Style Yoo Seung Ho’s “Comma Hair”

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend how to: style this look
Korean Actor Yoo Seung Ho’s “Comma” Hair

Today I’ll show you how to achieve Korean actor Yoo Seung Ho’s coveted “comma hairstyle” from the Korean drama Remember: War of the Son. This latest hair trend is for the guys out there! I’ll be going through a step-by-step so be sure to follow along…

Tools needed:

  • Hair Dryer

…And that’s it!

Before you start:

Yoo Seung Ho Comma Hair How to: Before you start
Before Starting… REMEMBER THIS PICTURE to see the transformation!!!

This was taken after hair was washed and blow-dried. Ideally, for the perfect “comma hair,” it’s best if your bangs are a little longer than those of the model, whose hair reaches his eyebrows when pulled down. Also, the best time to style your hair is after your hair is freshly washed and about 50 percent dry.

Parting your hair:

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair how to- parting your hair 7:3
Part your hair with a ratio of 7:3

First, be sure to part your hair with a ratio of 7:3. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! You’re front hair must look full to make the perfect C-shaped curl. The direction in which you part your hair may differ, depending on what direction you’re used to. You may use a brush or your hands for this step.

Putting volume in the middle of your part:

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend how to: putting volume in your hair
Putting volume in your hair

After parting your hair, it is important to create volume on both sides of the part. Start off by grabbing the middle section of one side of your part and slightly pulling your hand up so that a little “bump” is formed at the top of your head. Make sure your hair dryer’s nozzle is positioned downward. Put hot air on the “bump” with your dryer and then hold it in place for 3 seconds while the heat cools down. Do this 2-3 times for each side of your part.

Drying the front section:

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend how to: drying the front of your hair
Slightly tug on the roots of the front section of hair

The key to the “Comma hairstyle” is your front hair. To achieve Yoo Seung Ho’s look, you must put volume on both sides of the front section of your hair. To do this, before you start grabbing the hair dryer, tug on the front section of hair to make your roots stand up.

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend how to: drying front section of hair
Grab and tug the section of hair up to create a little “bump”

Now you can grab the dryer! Do the same thing you did to create volume to the middle section of your part, except this time instead of pushing the hair up, slightly tug. Grab the front section of hair and tug it up to create a “bump” of hair. Put hot air on this section and hold it there for 2-3 seconds until the heat cools down.

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend how to: drying hair finished
When you’re done putting in all that volume

This is what it should look like when you’re finished putting drying, voluminous and stylish!

The “Comma” :

Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend how to: c-curl dry
Use your fingers to create a C-shape and blow hot air onto the section

Now for the star of the show. The most important PART. Yoo Seung Ho’s signature detail for this hairstyle is the rounded, front section of hair. To achieve the most accurate look, using your hands is much preferred. First, take the section of hair you want to curl and use your fingers to make a C-shape, with the hair curling towards the other side of your face. Use your hands to keep it in place. Then take a dryer and put hot air on the section and let it cool down in place for 2-3 seconds. Do the same for the other side of your part, except curl that section to the LEFT.


Yoo Seung Ho comma hair trend hot to: dryed hair completed look finished
The completed look

This is the finished look, achieved using only a hair dryer. Now compare this picture to the very first picture you saw of the model. A very different image and style isn’t it? Almost looks like a completely different person. This look only takes about 5 minutes to complete and it emulates Yoo Seung Ho’s chic hairstyle. Be sure to try it out!


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