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Kpop Idol Space Buns

Looking for the latest trendy hairstyle for the holidays? Look no further! This hairstyle is the latest hair trend for the hottest Kpop girl group idols. Space buns are just coming on the trend train, and Kpop girl group members have already jumped on the bandwagon~~


korean kpop idol girls group snsd girls generation tts taetiseo spacebun hairstyles for girls women kpop idol hair asian kpopstuff
Girl’s Generation TTS

This hairstyle is perfect for the holidays, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s.


kpop girl group idol hairstyles red velvet wendy idol hair trends for girls women spacebuns kpopstuff
Red Velvet – Wendy

Red Velvet really suits this hair trend well. Their fun and quirky concept during Russian Roulette screams match made in heaven with the cute and funky “space bun” look.


korean kpop girl group idol twice jyp momo space bun hairstyles for girls women kpopstuff
Twice – Momo

With their latest release, TT, sweeping all the charts, it’s not hard to see why  the Twice girls are leading the hair trends of Asia!


korean kpop girl group idol ioi choi yoojung space bun idol hair trends hairstyle for girls women kpopstuff
IOI – Choi Yoojung

All the IOI fans are probably feeling down from the news of their nearing disbandment, but cheer up (baby) ~


Korean kpop idol girl group ioi kang minah kpop idol trending hairstyle space bun trend kpopstuff for girls women
IOI – Kang Mina

Mina pairs her space buns with this cute hairband for cuteness overload 


Korean kpop idol girl group AOA hyejung girl hair trends space bun hairstyles for girls women kpopstuff
AOA – Hyejung

The Ace of Angels, Hyejung can pull off any look – cute and sexy.


Korean kpop girl group idol wjsn cosmic girls cheng xiao hairstyles for girls women space buns kpopstuff
Cosmic Girls – Cheng Xiao

The rising star of Cosmic Girls, Cheng Xiao is on quite a lot of shows and variety programs these days. After her gymnastics performance at the Idol Athletic Championships, it seems she’s gaining a lot of spotlight from the public. See how her space buns match perfectly with the traditional Chinese outfit? This look is perfect for Chinese New Year’s !


Korean kpop girl group oh my girl rookie arin korean hairstyles for girls trending space bun hair kpopstuff
Oh My Girl – Arin

Last but not least, Oh My Girl’s Arin~ She pairs off her space buns with soft bangs and a cute pink sweater for the perfect student look.


The Perfect Fall Updos


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