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We’ve previously talked about Korean/Kpop star guys showing off their girly looks with long hair, and today we’ll look at the differences seen when they’ve cut their hair for a shorter hairstyle.

Yeah, have you SEEN Taemin in his Danger MV, not to mention him competing against other dancers on Hit the Stage? If not, WATCH it HERE -> Taemin on Hit the Stage Ep. 2.

Exo’s Chanyeol has also recently broke through the Chinese entertainment scene, with a main role in the Chinese movie, So I Married An Anti-Fan. (<- WATCH IT HERE!) The boys of EXO are doing me proud ;( persevering through group breakups and staying strong for EXO-Ls.

Ren can be seen with his new haircut in his Korean web-drama : I’m Not A Girl Anymore! as a love interest opposite of Nine Muses’ Kyungri!

Speaking of Zico’s hits, have you seen Zico – Bermuda Triangle MV, featuring Crush and Dean?! If not, you MUST check it out NOW! NOW! GO!

You’ll get to see Jungshin in another Kdrama soon, as the 2017 remake of My Sassy Girl will be including this charming singer/actor!


So we’ve gone through many Hallyu stars who’ve tried both styles, but what do you think? Do you find long hair more attractive or short hair?

Also, do you like these interactive polls? Comment below if you would like more of these!


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