Anyone else still denying that the first week of April has already whizzed by? April is soon to be long gone and the school year is almost coming to an end but are you one of many who are still sorely disappointed on not upping your fashion game this season? I think all of us have had one of these moments: scrolling through social media, seeing all these bloggers/youtubers/fellow students that are #outfitgoals, motivating you to come to the decision: I’m gonna dress like a fashion blogger starting tommorow! And the days turn to weeks, which turn to months, and you never get to that resolution? Well, we’re here to help all of you~ and by the end, you WILL be able to dress like a celebrity!


  • Monday:

Weather: clear skies, nice weather

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress streetwear fashion outfit ideas for april trench coat jeans white shirt casual style looks girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

When the weather’s nice and warm with clear skies in view, white is the color to go. Pair a white button up (a cute collar is always welcome) with light, faded denim jeans. Just in case of some colder weather, put a classic trench coat over the outfit or just drape it over the shoulders in the name of fashion. Try accessorizing with a cute tote for a casual outing look !


  • Tuesday

Weather: Cloudy

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress outfit ideas for april tuesday dress cardigan fashion looks for girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

For cloudy days when you need to look extra cute, try this lovely look. Instead of freezing in your strap dress, wear a long sleeve (go with white for safe mixing-and-matching) with a unique knit design. For extra warmth, pair it with your favorite cardigan! Since the outfit goes for a lovely look, try some classic loafers with a matching handbag.


  • Wednesday

Weather: Chance of clouds

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress outfit ideas for april wednesday cloudy flower dress sweater casual looks fashion girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

This look pairs two contrasting looks. Again, for cloudy days, wear a shirt under your spaghetti strap dress. This outfit incorporates a pink knit sweater and white sneakers for an everyday girly/sporty* look.


  • Thursday

Weather: Cloudy with rainy

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress outfit ideas for april thursday office looks skirt blouse jacket fashion style for girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

This look is perfect for business ladies who need to dress formal for work. The knee-length skirt is very modest and fit for the workplace, and the flowy long sleeve and jacket create a modern look. For a formal appearance, earrings are an important accessory, and if you need some tips on easy matching, pair your look with the same colored accessories and soles.


  • Friday

Weather: Cloudy with chance of rain

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress outfit ideas for april friday cloudy chance rain flower blouse jeans lovely fashion outift for girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

This outfit is for those romantic days when you have work off and time to spare. This pink shirt with a cherry blossom design is paired with light denim jeans that are ripped at the knees. To create a girlier look fit for the perfect date, pointed loafers and a round side bag are incorporated.


  • Saturday

Weather: Some clouds, may be chilly

korea korean kpop idol girl group band kdrama actress outfit ideas for april saturday weather cloudy sweater jeans casual looks style girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

This is a casual look that I would totally wear everyday. With the chillier weather, it’s important to layer for warmth. This outfit layers a striped button-up and a sleeveless knit sweater. The collar on the button-up creates dimension when it’s worn over the V-neck of the sweater. The top is paired with faded denim jeans and white sneakers, all completing the perfect chilly day style.


  • Sunday

Weather: Very cloudy

korea korean kpop idol group kdrama actress outfit ideas for april weather very cloudy black denim wool sweater white shirt casual fall style fashion girls kpopstuff

Source: Naver

This is my go-to lazy day outfit, especially in the fall/winter when the breeze is a bit chilly. The white shirt and black denim is a pair we’ve seen many times, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. However, the quality of this look just shoots up when you wear an oversize knit sweater over it. White sneakers are another essential for your closet, and they’re perfect when paired with these comfortable lazy-day looks.



Source: Obeythekorean.net

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