SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair Over the Years

Seventeen’s S.Coups has had some pretty dramatic hair swaps in the past 2 years. From frosted platinum blonde to messy black waves, his hair has been all over the board. However, the majority of his look have been very daily-friendly. I decided to compile a few pictures of his hair changes over the years to give our male viewers some inspiration. For those that aren’t looking for a shorter style, well, we can always sit back and enjoy the beauty that is Seungcheol. Take a look below to see the gallery of SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair over the years!

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair- Adore U Era


In Seventeen’s debut Adore U era, S.Coups was first introduced to the public in platinum blonde. In the music video his hair was frosted upwards, and he kept this style for a lot of their original promotions. But, as the color faded to a darker mocha, he began to style his hair downwards for a more natural and innocent look. His bright hair color and unique styling definetely helped to let the public recognize him more easily!

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair- Mansae Era


During the Mansae Era, S.Coups’ hairstyles were pretty similar. In the beginning, his hair was styled in a straighter look. Later, the stylists seemed to like to add more waves for a messier look. In the last picture, Seungcheol slicks back his hair for the halloween fansigns. It gives an older and more mature look when compared to the other two styles. All of the styles have his color as black.

SEVENTEEN S.Coups’ Hair- Q&A Music Video

Even though it’s not technically a Seventeen comeback, I thought that I’d include the Q&A hair. His hair is still a dark black-blue, but it has what looks like a 6:4 part. To accentuate the part, he has a deep front wave that gives a more bad-boy image. His hair is all in a slight wave, which make the deeper part look much more natural.



In the Pretty U era, Seungcheol was another victim of the bowl cut, or “coconut head” hairstyle as ARMYs put it. For their “Love and Letter” showcase, his color was a cool dark grey-brown, and had a bit of a tousled look. Later, though, he re-dyed it into a lighter chestnut brown, and decided to go straight throughout the rest of Seventeen’s promotions. After a while, his hairdye wore off a bit so the chestnut brown turned into more of an ash-brown. The color changed, but it looks like he kept the same style.




First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the gif here.

Okay. Let’s move on now.

In the teaser pictures for “Very Nice,” S.Coups kept his faded chestnut-brown hair, just adding a bit more texture and a little bit of a middle part. But in the MV, he dyed his hair a cool blue-grey and black. His styling in the MV was similar, only a bit more textured and messy. In his promotions, though, his hair went through a couple of changes. He first kept the color of his hair in the MV and just added a more defined middle part. Nearly halfway through promotions, S.Coups decided to give his hair the pitch-black look once again. I don’t know if he actually dyed it, since he did have his hair wet for a lot of his promotions. And like I just mentioned, he had his hair maintain a wetted look, which gave it much more texture. It also could have helped with his hair color change.



For “Boom Boom” promotions, S.Coups’ hair went through a fair amount of style and color changes. For the MV and teasers, his hair was a dark brown color and had a ton of texture, along with an undercut. In the MV his hair still had a middle part, but there was a lot of peices here and there. In the teasers, his hair gathered together like in a mowhawk, and again there was a lot of stray hairs. During promotions he changed his hair a lot as well. He straightened it at one point, for a more youthful look, and dyed it black. In the last picture, it shows him with a blue tone in his black hair. His hair is tousled and textured a lot more so that his undercut is seen more clearly.


Again, Pause. And let’s continue


DWC era is probably my favorite in terms of S.Coups’ hair. Not only was there a lot of variety in his looks, but they all worked well. For the MV and most of his promotions, he had chocolate brown and sometimes black hair that was curled and tousled like never before. Occasionally, he changed back to a straightened hairstyle for some radio broadcasts and their “Crazy in Love” showcases. The third picture is from S.Coups at the 2017 Dream Concert. Here, he brings back the 6:4(ish) part from the Q&A era, only with a lot more volumous waves. Personally, I love all these hairstyles from DWC on him, and I have no more to say.

I hope you were able to find some nice inspiration through the gallery! And if not, I’m sure that you enjoyed the gallery as much as I did.

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