Korean rapper smtm5 simon dominic two block haircut wet hairstyle haircut for guys kpopstuff

SMTM5 Simon Dominic’s Two-Block Cut

Here we go with another trending SMTM5 hairstyle~

Another popular judge on Show Me the Money 5, Simon Dominic of AOMG is seen with a new, two-block haircut, following the latest trending styles in Korea right now. A prominent style for many guys in Asia, the two-block cut is perfect for those wanting to put a little more volume in their hair, without having to go for a full-out perm.


Korean kpop rapper smtm5 judge simon dominic simon d wet hairstyle and two block haircut for guys kpopstuff


Simon D korean rapper simon dominic wet hair and smtm5 two block haircut for guys kpopstuff


Simon Dominic’s haircut blends two of the most popular trends today: the two block haircut and the wet-hair trend (which we will be looking at next!)



SMTM5 Grey’s Comma Hair : https://kpopstuff.com/smtm5-grays-comma-hair/

–> UP NEXT: THE WET HAIR TREND <– What is it and how do you get it?

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