Follow Eliminated “Produce 101” Trainees on Instagram!

It’s been a long journey for all trainees left on “Produce 101.” From 101 to 68 to 35 to 20, the show has been a rollercoaster of emotions for us fans and trainees alike. Even though there are only 20 trainees left, support for the boys is unwavering. With only episode 11, which will be airing this Friday, remaining in the season, fans are voting with a desperation like never before.

While 20 trainees were able to survive the semifinal elimination round, the majority of the boys have been cut from the show. This is, of course, what caused our love-hate relationship with this show. Goodbyes are waaay to common in the idol world, and we already hate it form day 1. This doesn’t mean that their fans can’t see them anymore! Some of the most popular “Produce 101” trainees have their own personal way to connect with their fans-through Instagram! Follow the trainees below~

Produce 101 Trainee- Noh Taehyun of (HOTSHOT) and Ardor and Able Entertainment


Noh Taehyun was a fan-favorite trainee that was well-known for his superior dance skills, especially in krumping. Dance battles were always easily won by Taehyun! Trainers, trainees, and viewers all loved watching his famous krump dance. However, he was unfortunately eliminated in episode 10. Fans of Taehyun should follow his account @roh_taehyun and keep supporting his current group HOTSHOT!

Produce 101 Trainee- Lee Woojin of Media Line Entertainment

If there’s any trainee out there that will make you feel bad about yourself, trainee Lee Woojin is definetely the one! An 03 liner, he showed off his talent on the show, even though he is only 13 years old internationally. If anyone is feeling unmotivated, try thinking of Woojin and other trainees of the like. Although he too was recently cut from the show’s 10th episode, fans still aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. (Including me). Follow his instagram account @the_greatest_woojin to get updates from the rising star! Woojin seems to be consistent in his dailiy updates, so you won’t be disappointed if you follow!



I’m pretty sure that there may be more eliminated trainees have Instagram accounts, but these trainees were the only ones I was able to confirm. If any other fans are able to confirm other trainees’ accounts, please let us know in the comments section below!

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