TWICE Took Their Win On “Show! Music Core”

  TWICE took their win with their new song “SIGNAL” on MBC‘s Show! Music Core. On May 27, the popular girl group has grabbed their win with ‘SIGNAL‘ on MBC‘s Show! Music Core, winning over PSY and VIXX. “We took the first win on Show! Music Core. We want to say thank you to JYP … Read more TWICE Took Their Win On “Show! Music Core”

Dance Practice Video for iKON’s ‘BLING BLING’.. “Perfect Choreography”

iKON has released a dance practice video for their new song ‘BLING BLING‘ On May 25, YG Entertainment has posted their choreography video for their new title track ‘BLING BLING‘ via their official blog. The video for iKON’s new title track ‘Bling Bling’ The choreography for ‘Bling Bling‘ was worked on by the choreographer Parris Goebel who … Read more Dance Practice Video for iKON’s ‘BLING BLING’.. “Perfect Choreography”


Most Hallyu fans have probably at least heard about 1Million Dance Studio, and maybe have even seen a few of their popular videos. If not, I’ll fill you in. As you’ve probably guessed, this is a dance studio based in Seoul. The studio burst in popularity in the fall of 2015, when a choreography for 5th Harmony’s song Worth It was released. Since then, the small studio has been bursting with popularity, with over four million subscribers and 73 million views on their most popular videos.

Today I’ll be briefly going over one of the outfits of May J Lee, the creator of the famous “Worth It” choreography that shot the studio to fame.

This outfit was worn while she was featured in one of Lia Kim’s choreographies for Dawin and Silento’s “Dessert.”




As seen above, her outfit is pretty simple, as most of the 1Million crew’s outfits are. They seem to favor the Adidas brand quite a bit, so they may be sponsored by the brand.

The sweater is Adidas’ Retro Gold Cropped Pullover Hoodie, which sells for about $60.

Adidas Retro Gold Pullover Hoodie

As for the leggings, I don’t know what exactly they are, but they could be any old pair of leggings. Instead of finding the exact pair of black leggings, I decided to add in a pair of leggings that Sori Na from 1Million wore during her choreography video for iKon’s “My Type.”

The leggings are probably also from Adidas. These are the Adidas Originals 3 Stripes Leggings, selling for about $35 at various different sites.


That was the review for today! I hope everyone enjoyed the review, and if you were wondering about any other of the 1Million member’s outfits, comment a request below!




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