Korean DIY-Almond Moisture Pack

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These past few weeks, I’ve mostly been focusing on doing reviews for different K-beauty products. Today, I’m going to step away from the product reviews to share a DIY moisture pack that is popular amongst most Korean beauty bloggers, which is the Almond Moisture pack! It’s been featured on many popular Korean beauty shows, such as Get it Beauty, where Park Han Byul claimed to have used it for her glowing skin. It’s a simple and effective mask for when your skin is looking a bit dull, and you want to moisturize and brighten it up. Let’s begin!


Korean DIY Almond Moisture Pack


  • 10-20 Almonds
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • A mixing bowl/something to crush and grind the almonds with.


  1. Crush/grind all the almonds in a small bowl or food processor. Make sure the almonds are ground finely
  2. Add a honey as a 1:1 ratio to the almonds
  3. Add 1-2 spoonfuls of milk, and mix well. The amount of milk added can be adjusted based on the preference, but at least one spoonful is recommended

The final Almond Moisture Pack should look something like this:

4. Wash the Almond Moisture pack off with warm water, and move onto your regular nighttime routine.

Sheet masks are well-known for their moisturizing abilities, but not everyone has them around all the time. I use this almond moisture pack every once in a while, when I run out of sheet masks to use, or if I just want an extra glow for my skin. While I love to use sheet masks because of the diverse ingredients that are used, when it comes to moisture, this DIY Almond Moisture pack is just as good, if not better, than most moisturizing sheet masks. I especially love using it in the winter. The cold combined with the wind can usually manage to strip my skin of just about any moisture, but the day after using the Almond Moisture Pack, I can really feel the moisture locked in, even outside. If dry skin is a concern for you, or if you just want that K-drama/Kpop glow, give this DIY Almond Moisture Pack a go!




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