Vixx N’s Airport Outfit – White T Shirt + Jeans

With news of Kpop boyband Vixx returning in May to celebrate their fifth debut anniversary with a solo concert and exhibition, the boys have been in the spotlight for any clues to this event. The members were seen just landed back in Korea on April 1st, after their ‘iME K-WAVE Concert in Bangkok 2017’ and Vixx N’s airport outfit drew attention for its simplicity, and this look might inspire you men and guys to ditch the baggy sweats for the airport ~

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Vixx N’s Airport Outfit

These days people seem to be into minimalism and simplicity, especially with all the busy lives we’re living. Same goes for the latest casual trends in men’s fashion!

Vixx’s Hakyeon (aka N) keeps it minimal with this airport look. Faded denim jeans, a white T-shirt, and an unbuttoned dress shirt for the layered look.


Another point people stress is : dress comfortably for the airplane, especially if it’s a looong flight to your destination. You don’t want to make the soaring-across-the-middle-of-an-ocean-with-no-land-in-sight, the-annoyingly-talkative-seatmate-next-to-you, or the-noisy-children-behind-you-kicking-your seat-every-minute- 13 hour ride even worse for yourself. Trust me on this, it won’t be a great start (or end) to your day. The least you could do is wear a comfortable pair of pants, even better if they’re warm cuz airplanes are always freezing for some reason. 

Vixx’s N wear loos-er (by Kpop standards) jeans for comfort and warmth. He also made a smart move wearing that button up, because it can always add another layer of warmth.


We all know that realism is key to a long flight, but who says you can’t be a fashionista while flying? Did this look inspire you boys?



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Written by Yooj