Nana’s Messy Brow Look

Since Nana is the two-time winner of the “Most Beautiful Faces in the World” award, it’s only right that we use some of her makeup tips! Nana used to be an avid follower of the clean, full, and straight brow look that was trending in Korea. Almost every idol will do this eyebrow look once in their career! In fact, most idols are still rocking the straight brow trend. Nana, however has moved on from the full, straight brows to a more natural look. Her brows have more visible individual hairs, and there’s a slight arch to them as well. Check the gallery down below to see Nana’s Messy Brow look, and how you can follow her brow style!



Key Features of Nana’s Messy Brow Look

For the brows themselves, Nana doesn’t seem to fill them in as much, unless she’s doing a photoshoot. They have a very natural look to them which isn’t heavily filled in. Instead, she usually uses her natural brow hairs to acheive this look. Her brows do thin as the get closer to the end, which helps with her brow arch. If you’re willing to make the sacrifice and try to thin the amount of brow hairs you have towards the end, you can go ahead and do that. If you aren’t quite ready yet, then just try to brush the hairs upwards as much as you can.

First, she combs her front brow hairs all the way upwards, so they are sticking out from the rest of the brow. She then gradually combes the brow at a lower angle, until she gets to the ends, where she brushes it almost completely horizontally. Next, she brushes all her bottom brows upwards, to accentuate the arch. Her brow arch isn’t too pronounced, but her brows do thin as the get to the end, which would accuentuate it even more. The bottom line of the brows should be pretty clean, but the line above the brows can be as messy as you’d like. There doesn’t have to be a defined line for the top.

Lastly, brush some of you brow hairs at the end and brush them at an upwards angle. It’ll make some hairs stray from the original brow line, for a more messy look.


And you’re done! You now have natural and gorgeous eyebrows like Nana’s!




BLACKPINK As If It’s Your Last MV Makeup

Unless you’ve been living undera rock for the past week, everyone’s heard of Blackpink’s new comeback. As If It’s Your Last broke BTS Blood Sweat and Tears Music Video record for fastest Kpop MV to reach 10 Million views. It also broke 1D’s record for the most views for a group in the first 24 hours. Impressive for a rookie group, but then again, what else is expected from YG? The MV is definetely a record-breaking success, and there’s no doubt that the girls’ looks added to the overflow of views! Let’s take a look at the gallery below that shows BlackPink As If It’s Your Last MV Makeup looks. See what you can learn from their looks below!


Lisa’s fiery red hair really lets the makeup artists to go all out, while still letting the colors look somewhat natural. The makeup does change quite a bit, but a few things are always consistent throughout the MV. Her eyebrows are actually a darker shade than her hair, which is rare in the Kpop scene. Her eyeshadow also always has at least a tinge of bright red. Winged cat eyes are a must-do look, and she keeps the same popping pink-orange lipstick that goes off with her hair. It honestly could be a daily look during the summer, if you pull it off just right.



Rose probably kept the most natural image throughout the whole music video. She didn’t have many particular points to her makeup, emphsizing the natural-er look, but there were still a few points she had throughout the eniter ordeal. Her lips were always coated in a light and natural pink, and her eyeshadow was focused heavily on the bottom halves of her eyes. Since you don’t want to look like you’re sleep deprived, Rose always made sure to use either bright or shimmery colors for her undereyes.



If Rose had the most consistency throughout the MV, Jennie was probably the member makeup artists messed around with most. Her look changes multiple times throughout the MV. She did have the lighter eye colors that were used for her lenses. In addition, other than in the second look, her wings were usually on the shorter side. In the second look, she winged her liner out and made a litte wing underneath too. It helps to give her eyes a more elongated and classy feel. But if there’s one main takeaway you should take from her looks, its the colors pink and orange. In every single look there was at least one sort of variation of the two colors on her lids or lips. These looks would be perfect for a carnival or summer concert.



Jisoo was also another member that went through a lot of makeup changes in the music video. In each look, though, she added some sort of surprise color. In the first look, she throws in green lenses, and in the last two, she adds slight yellow undertones within her main eye makeup. (I know the second one is harder to see, but if you look closely, there’s some yellow in there.) The first thing I noticed was her lip line. The makeup artists definetely focued on sharpeing Jisoo’s lips and having a clean lip color. While other members have pretty clean lip look too, she has more corners that are accentuated. And lastly, every look had some sort of red or burgundy color to match her hair! Some of her looks could be more natural, while some are a lot more daring.


Even though there’s only 4 members, the variety of makeup looks is amazing to look at. From casual summer concerts to classier summer parties, BlackPink’s new looks will get you a ton of ideas.

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