Korean Makeup Trend: Red Blush

I’ve just come to realize the importance of blush in your makeup routine. Not only does it make your skin look clear and flawless, it helps to add a healthy flush to your face so you look more vibrant and outgoing. Depending on the color, you can change the overall vibe that you give others. … Read more Korean Makeup Trend: Red Blush

How to Get “Kpop Lashes”

Kpop really wouldn’t be that different from other music industries, if it weren’t for all of its visual effects. From the extensive choreography, aesthetically pleasing music videos, eye-popping outfits, and especially the makeup, Kpop is a very visual branch of music. So, it isn’t surprising to see how all our favorite Kpop idols always have … Read more How to Get “Kpop Lashes”

Chungha’s “Roller Coaster” Makeup – Neon

Chungha has had her long-awaited comeback this year, and we get to start off 2018 with two powerful female solos: Sunmi and Chungha! The former IOI member made her first comeback with”Roller Coaster” as her title track. And as much as I loved the music, I was waay too excited when I saw all neon colors … Read more Chungha’s “Roller Coaster” Makeup – Neon

Kpop Idol’s Mismatched Lenses

Kpop idols have been throwing out some of the wildest concepts that the world has ever seen. And surprisingly, they can usually pull it off, perfectly. There’s been a lot more mediocre and subtle trends, like the gradient lip and straight brows, and those trends are being used by almost all of South Korea, and … Read more Kpop Idol’s Mismatched Lenses

IU’s Vintage Nude Lip in “Last Night’s Story”

IU had her comeback just two days ago! “Last Night’s Story,” the title track, was a cute and quirky track with extreme 60s vibes all around! Even the dancing, which was pretty fun to watch, was a nice throwback. IU always has some funky concepts up her sleeve to surprise us all! And so far, … Read more IU’s Vintage Nude Lip in “Last Night’s Story”

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