EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power” + Tips and Tricks

EXO just had a comeback with “Power,” and everyone in the Kpop world knows exactly what that means. It’s going to be basically all we talk about for a week. So, I thought that we might as well join in on the “Power” bandwagon, since there’s no way anyone’s going to avoid it. One thing … Read more EXO Chen’s Yellow Eye Makeup in “Power” + Tips and Tricks

Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye in “Gashina”

Sunmi and her teal smokey eye look in the “Gashina” music video has been doing really well these days. And she’s getting a lot of attention! She’s topping almost all the major music charts, even though its been a week since the release. It doesn’t look like there’s anyone who’s getting tired of the song … Read more Sunmi’s Teal Smokey Eye in “Gashina”

SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes

SNSD’s “All Night” is filled with retro party vibes, which I don’t think anyone can complain about. The recent retro concept trend in a lot of Kpop music videos is really great. The fashion and makeup is getting so much more variety! Not to mention the hairstyles! I’m a huge sucker for the “Hippie Perms” … Read more SNSD’s “All Night” Lip Color Dupes

BoA’s Red Wine “CAMO” Makeup

BoA recently came back with “CAMO” and we were all for it. With over 16 years of experience behind her, all her combacks are unsurprisingly perfect. Also unsurprisingly, most new K-Pop fans aren’t exactly updated on artists like BoA. But, anyone can always learn from BoA, from her music to her dancing, and even her … Read more BoA’s Red Wine “CAMO” Makeup

EXO D.O’s Faux Freckles in “Ko Ko Bop”

It seems like everyone in the Kpop community has listened to “Ko Ko Bop” at least once. And, we’ve probably all watched their MV a couple more times than we’ve listened to the actual audio. That’s really not surprising, to be honest. I don’t blame anyone who’s seen the MV a couple more times. With … Read more EXO D.O’s Faux Freckles in “Ko Ko Bop”

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