30-Second K-Beauty Secret- Leave on Cleansing

There’s probably a fair amount of Kpop fans that have gotten into Korean skincare. After all, you can only look at some Kpop idol’s skin for so long before you wonder what they’re doing that you’re not!  That goes for K-Drama fans as well. Everyone in the Hallyu wave has at least had a taste of Korean Skincare and K-Beauty culture! And, even if you’re not a Kpop fan, chances are that you’ve at least tried a few K-Beauty curations! Sheet masks, BB Creams, and essences are just a few of the Korean products that have become popular, even in the West! And while K-Beauty has become a lot more popular, with more and more folks digging for more secrets, not everything has been revealed yet! We’ve still got a few tricks up our sleeves! One of those tricks is something that we calle Leave On Cleansing. Confused? We were too. But, this is a super simple and life-changing hack for everyone that’s just trying to get a step closer to skin-perfection. And, it’ll take less than 30 seconds to do!

Leave On Cleansing

So, you’re probably wondering what “Leave On Cleansing” could possibly mean. The key is to not overthink it. Like the name, you would leave your cleanser on you face! Still confused? Let’s break it down a bit.

Here’s what you’ll want to remember when you do “Leave on Cleansing” :

  1. It’s important to use a foaming cleanser that has a low pH. Otherwise, it’ll do the exact opposite of it’s purpose. (You shouldn’t be using high pH cleansers in the first place, they damage your skin barrier…)
  2. Not a rule, but this is especially effective when you’re using cleansers that have special treatment ingredients, like tea tree oil for acne, or vitamin C for brightening!

Here’s a few low-pH cleansers with great star ingredients!

Acne- CosrX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser 

Moisture: Hada Lobo Gokujyn Hyluronic Acid Cleansing Foam

So, what do you do now? Here’s the simple hack that we’ve all been waiting for!

  1. Wash you face with warm water
  2. Get your face wash and make sure to make it as foamy and fluffy as possible!
  3. Cleanse your face as you would normally do. If you use a cleansing brush or silicone pad, or any other cleansing tool, use that if you’d like.
  4. After you vigorously cleanse and scrub your face, don’t just wash it off! Leave the cleanser on for about 30 seconds, sing the ABCs if you want to keep track of time!
  5. With the facewash still on your face, gently massage your skin, and then wash off and pat dry.
  6. Finished!

It’s pretty easy, right? But why, you might ask? Like the rest of your skincare products, cleansers have some of their own skincare benefits. Whether it be tea tree oil or salicylic acid, most cleansers have some sort of skincare benefit. The longer they are on your face, the more that they’re able to work on your face. If you only use your cleanser for 10 seconds, it’s only got 10 seconds to work its magic. Give it a little more time, and your skin will thank you later!

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