With all the dyes and rainbow-hair trends these days, it’s surprisingly difficult to spot Kpop idols and celebrities with their natural hair color. Their are many pastel tones and vibrant neons in the Kpop world, but these Kpop idols have embraced black-colored hair.. and look good with it.

korean kpop idol girl group 4minute hyuna jet black hair hairstyles for girls kpopstuff

Jet black is by far my favorite hair color on Hyuna. With her bright lipstick and unique colored-contacts, black hair emphasizes her facial features and makes them (Bubble bubble bubble) pop!


kpop korean female singer lee hyori jet black hair hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
Lee Hyori

The sexy diva of the 90s, Lee Hyori pairs this look with strong makeup and lots and lots of gold~


korean girl group kpop idol taeyeon of girls generation snsd black hair color hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
Girls Generation/SNSD – Taeyeon

Taeyeon’s pale skin color contrasts perfectly with her darker hair.


korean kpop girl group band sistar hyorin black hair color dye hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
SISTAR – Hyorin

The vocal goddess and soulful voice of SISTAR, Hyorin goes for a strong emphasis on the black with her strong, winged eyeliner and black, studded nails.


Overall, these jet black hairstyles create a stronger impression (except maybe the ever-so-sweet Taeyeon). This hair color is perfect for those with a pale complexion and for those with a darker skin tone.

For those wondering what their next dye color should be, go all naturalle with this jet black look!



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