The currently airing Korean drama, Goblin, has hit a new milestone in viewer ratings and its newest episode just aired! It seems that there will be lots of tears shed and tissues used for the next coming episodes ㅠㅠ… However, on the bright side, Sungjae’s character just oozes adorableness throughout all the episodes! BTOB’s Yook Sungjae plays the character of Yu Deok Hwa, a third generation chaebol heir who comes to serve the Goblin. Introducing… Sungjae’s Goblin hairstyle!

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Sungjae’s Character EP 2 Stills


Sungjae’s Golden Brown hair color is perfect for fall~

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EP 2 Stills


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EP 5 Stills


The closest haircut style to his specific hairstyle would be the dandy cut, currently hot among many Korean stars.


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Third-Generation Chaebol Hairstyle

Here, Sungjae’s hair is slightly crimped to create more volume and a casual, messier look.

This hairstyle is very versatile and textured, and it’s easy to make this look your own!



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Written by Yooj