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EXO Baekhyun’s Mullet in “Ko Ko Bop” Teasers

EXO-Ls, and just most kpop fans in general, cannot wait for Exo’s next comeback! “Ko Ko Bop” is going to be released on the 18th, and today was Baekhyun’s teaser date! We all know that “Ko Ko Bop” has some pretty interesting fashion choices, just from the teasers. Baekhyun was definetely not an exception from the funky, retro fashion. His hairstyle was especially unique. The stylists were really focused on the whole 70s retro style, so of course they had to try this hairstyle out on one of the members! Everyone, Exo has officially brought back the mullet. I managed to find enough scenes with Baekhyun’s mullet hairstyle, so I just wanted to share the pictures! This is seriously one wild hairstyle, so make sure you pay attention! You never know what hints for the comeback could be hidden in Baekhyun’s mullet…


Exo Baekhyun’s Mullet Hairstyle- An Extremely Short LookBook


The front part of Baekhyun’s mullet looks like any other idol hairstyle, but we get a surprise later on! His hair keeps getting longer as you go back!

He has a really unique hair color combination too. Bright red and dark maroon isn’t a color combo that I remember. For some reason though, it makes his hairstyle look even more retro and 70s than ever. Shows how even a bit of color can change your look!

If you look from this angle, you would probably only really see the interesing color combo. His hair looks almost like his usual style from here!


Here, Baekhyun swept his bangs aside, so the style looks even more like the original mullet from way back when. You can’t really see much of the bright red highlights from here, but his hairstyle alone is pretty amazing.


In this scene, his bangs are almost completely covering his forehead! If you ignore the back and look only at his forehead, it looks like a very typical Korean hairstyle. But, you’re in for a surprise when if you just look a bit closer!


That’s all for this post! I know that it was really short, but I really couldn’t help but be amazed at Baekhyun’s mullet. I’ve never seen that style anywhere, much less on an idol like Baekhyun. It’s pretty interesting to see the old trends of back in the 70s starting to be renewed! What do you guys think? Is Baekhyun’s mullet here to stay?

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