Male Idols’ Pink Hair

Kpop Idols are probably the only celebrities who can go around with a wild hair color and have no one even bat an eye. I mean, there’s only so much hair changes that Dispatch can keep up with! Idols have probably tried almost every color in the color spectrum, not to mention a ton of color combos. Out of all those colors, a recent trend for a lot of male idols is any color with a strong pink tint. Some idols go all-out, while other idols like to have an ombre or another color. There’s so many variations! So, let’s go through a short lookbook of our favorite male idols’ Pink hair!


Male Idols’ Grapefruit Pink Hair- A Lookbook

Suga has the classic milky pink hair here! Most of the BTS members have actually gotten a dye really similar to this as well.


Baekhyun’s pink hair is a really light and bright one! It looks like he mixed the pink with a lot of platinum blonde, or some other light color. His hair is really animated with the brightness!



Xiumin’s hair looks like it has a bit of darker, muave pink undertones. The pink color can be seen a lot better, but it still isn’t a hot pink.


GDragon has a really pretty hair color here! It’s mainly a milky pink color, but he also has some really light, peach-orange undertones in his hair too!


Joshua had a really unique hair color as well. It’s known as the “Grapefruit Pink” color among the fans! He has a muted, muave-y pink with a slight peachy undertone. This hair color is also pretty cool because the color looks drastically different based on the lighting. Sometimes it looks more orange-y, while it looks more like a pink color at other times.


Kihyun’s hair is a mixture of a bright, hot pink and orange! Since he added some orange tones in it, the hot pink doesn’t look as overhwelming.

Minhyuk decided to add in a couple other colors along with his pink hair! He has more of a rainbow hair color thing going on, but most of his hair is either blonde or pink. His pink strands seem to be a mixture of light pink and a bit of lavender!


Hoshi’s hair color here is a bit different from the other idols’. It’s a pink color, but it has a lot of purple undertones. It almost looks purple, in a way!


L.Joe has a very soft ombre effect here. He has hot pink roots that go down through most of his hair, but the very tips of his hair are blonde! The slight ombre, along with the texture of his hair, really give a unique vibe.


Woozi’s hair here is just an all-out hot pink. There’s no darker cherry tones mixed in, so the hot pink actually doesn’t look too overwhelming, surprisingly.


That’s the end of our very short lookbook of male idols in pink hair! Which variation was your favorite?


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