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GOT7’s Never Ever Fashion – Outerwear

GOT7 has finally completed their ‘Flight Log’ trilogy with their ‘Arrival’ EP, which consists of the single ‘Never Ever’. The MV shows the members in various outfits that caught my eye, so we’ll look at the pieces to GOT7’s Never Ever fashion today.

I’ve chosen to focus on GOT7’s outerwear looks for this article, which will help when choosing what to wear for those “cold-but-warm” days, especially with the unusual weather we’re having these days.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group GOT7's never ever fashion looks got7 bomber jacket leather outerwear outfits for guys kpopstuff
Behind the scenes of ‘Never Ever’ MV
Source: Knews

Got7’s leader, JB, wears a beige sweater under a matching leather vest. The stud decals on the shoulders of the vest take the outfit to a whole different level of ‘bad boy‘. Vests are light but give you extra coverage from the chilly breeze, totally perfect for the fall~



Jackson wears an orange/beige bomber over a long, striped shirt. Bombers* are a fall fashion staple, and can be easily paired with anything, whether it’s with a formal or casual outfit piece.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group GOT7's never ever fashion looks yugyeom army green hoodie bomber pair outfits for guys kpopstuff
Source: Kpopmap

This is the hoodie & jacket pairing we’ve being seeeing recently. With his dark colored hair and army green theme, he seems to be sticking to darker colors for this comeback. The bomber’s raincoat-like consistency adds a surprise element to the outfit.


korea korean kpop idol boy band group GOT7's never ever fashion looks outfit jacket bombers for guys kpopstuff main
GOT7 Behind the Scenes of MV Set
Source: KMusic

Bambam’s in the center, and he’s wearing a dark green long sleeve under a black leather vest. Add his blondest of blonde hair, and doesn’t he screambiker boy‘?


Jinyoung (JR.)

Sweaters are another quintessential winter/fall style, and the Double Sweater Trend is currently overtaking the industry. The grey sweater Jinyoung’s wearing looks so cozy and warm~



Mark is also wearing a light vest, but paired over a unique shirt. The grey long sleeve he’s wearing is long in the back and shorter in the front, which is a style referred to as a longline. It may look a bit different at first, but this longline shirt under the shorter vest is a bold fashion move. (I applaud you, stylists~)


korea korean kpop idol boy band group GOT7's never ever fashion looks youngjae ripped jeans bomber jacket outfits for guys kpopstuff
Source: Kpopmap

Similar to Mark’s airport outfit, Youngjae’s utilizes layers for a laid-back but fashionable streetwear look. His soft beige shirt and black bomber are not only a great color pairing, but the lengths of each piece creates a refreshing balance, too.


What do you grab when you see the weather forecast with a high of 70 but low of 40? Layers, layers, layers! I can’t stress this enough, but layers are not only perfect for weird weather days, but it’s the KEY to great fashion. If you know how to layer well, your fashion can’t be anything less than fabulous! Bomber jackets and leather vests seem to be GOT7’s outfit concept this time around, and it pairs well with the weather right now.

Have you checked out GOT7’s performed of this single? If not, click HERE and tell us what you think of their comeback~



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