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You may have heard of this adorable hairstyle that’s been trending among Korean beauty trendsetters (ulzzangs), but ladies, get ready to freak out over the adorableness~

Called heart bangs, this newest style has been trending for a while now. There are many different styles, including long, short, colorful, curled, and straight heart-bangs. When you search up #heartbangs on social media, there are tons (and tons, and tons…) of cute heart-shaped hair selfies from Korean women, and you’ll see that this trend is now quickly making its way around the world!

The style involves curling your bangs into an upside-down heart shape, and all you need to create it are your bangs, a hair straightener, and (if needed) the occasional hairspray.

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What do you think of this hair trend~ Cute or Not? Would you try it out?


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