Kpop superstar Hyuna has been the icon of fierce and sexy in the entertainment world for a while, and she’s still going strong. Although 4minute has disbanded, Hyuna has been at the top of music charts with her solo activities, including her singles Red, Roll Deep, and How’s This. What’s the secret to her success? Why don’t we get a closer look at the evolution of this queen of queens, Hyuna!

korean kpop idol band group 4minute hot issue hyuna hair hairstyles for girls evolution of hyuna kpopstuff
2009 Hyuna

4minute’s debut song, Hot Issue, was the start of Hyuna’s stardom. A JYP trainee and former Wonder Girls member, Hyuna gained favorable attention from future fans for her good looks and fierce dancing skills.


korean kpop girl group 4minute hyuna change hairstyle hair for girls kpopstuff
2010 Hyuna

With Change, the song that launched her solo career, Hyuna dyed her hair a dirty blonde and went with a sleek, modern look.


2012 kpop idol Hyuna volume up hair hyuna evolution hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
2012 Hyuna

Hyuna next sported a reddish-brown hairstyle with Medusa-like curls in the 2012 MV of Volume Up.


korean kpop idol group troublemake 4minute hyuna and beasts hyunseung hairstyle hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
2013 Hyuna

With the comeback of coed-unit Troublemaker (with BEAST’s Hyunseung) and the release of their new single, Now, Hyuna chopped her locks and went blonde for a messier hairstyle.


korean kpop idol 4minute hyuna red hairstyle hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
2014 Hyuna

Her next solo song, Red, features a lot and lot of red. Luckily for fans, Hyuna’s jet-black hairstyle set her apart from all the colorful backgrounds. *


korean kpop idol 4minute hyuna roll deep hairstyle hair colors for girls kpopstuff
2015 Hyuna


kpop korean idol group 4minute hyuna hairstyle crazy curls hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
2015 Hyuna

2015 was a CRAZY year, full of rainbow dyes and platinum blondes. When Roll Deep (aka Because I’m the Best) promotions rolled around, Hyuna went with the most vibrant hair color yet, mermaid green. Later, Hyuna showed up with a lighter, ash-brown hairstyle for 4minute’s CRAZY promotions.


korean kpop idol singer 4minute hyuna how this hairstyle hairstyles for girls kpopstuff
2016 Hyuna

Fans were heartbroken with the news of 4minute’s breakup, but luckily Hyuna’s newest song, How’s This, eased the pain a bit. Hyuna sported hazel dyed mermaid-waves in this modern club song with a dirrtty beat~


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