Hwang Seung Un’s Two Tone Hair Fit for a Femme Fatale

Hwang Seung Un has made a name for herself in many dramas including Sweden Laundry, Madame Antoine, and the popular web-drama Thumping Spike. She recently caught eyes at the 2018 Seoul Fashion Week sponsored by Hera, where she sported a look that I couldn’t wait to show everyone. Get reading to be shocked as we reveal Hwang Seung Un’s two tone hair!

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Isn’t this just the most beautiful shade of pastel pink you’ve ever laid your eyes on?! Two-tone hairstyles are often worked into long, straight hair so that the color is easier to define and the contrast with the rest of the hair color is more prominent. Hwang Seung Un’s look might have been pulled off with the help of hair extensions to create this illusion. However, compared to other two-tone styles, you could say the actress’ hairstyle doesn’t look too unnatural, as the color is worked into the hair at different lengths, without managing to look too messy or unstructured.


Hwang Seung Un utilizes the middle part to create a symmetry for her pastel tips while also showing off her perfectly symmetrical face. Flaunt it if you got it! Generally, it seems that actresses in Korea switch to the center part when going for a more womanly, grown image. This definitely balances out the girlish pink that Hwang Seung Un incorporates into her hairstyle here.

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Hwang Seung Un’s two tone look is reminiscent of Red Velvet Irene’s Two Tone Hair, but the strong makeup and killer outfit makes this much more of an cold, city-girl hair look fit for a femme fetale. 



Hwang Seung Un’s fashion was definitely on point as well, but that’s a topic for another day. Let us know in the comments below if you want a compilation of Hwang Seung Un’s best outfit looks!



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Source: Topstarnews

Written by Yooj