Kim Sohee Talked About Her Terrifying Experience She Had At Her Former Agency

Kim Sohee talked about a terrifying story she had experienced at her former agency.

On June 2, Kim Sohee appeared on KBS “Idol Drama Operation Team” through NAVER V Web Drama.

She talked about her terrifying experience she had at her former agency.

The idol has confessed

“The manager at my former agency saw me as a woman. I couldn’t reject him because he was a manager at the agency.”

She added,

“He had me sit next to him when there was a schedule. He even proposed to me, asking me to marry him. I thought I had to go through those situations in order to debut.”


Meanwhile, on June 2, “Idol Drama Operation Team” featured Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, Somi, MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul, Lovelyz‘s Soojung, Oh My Girl‘s YooA, SONAMOO‘s D.Ana and C.I.V.A‘s Kim Sohee.

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