Seoul Fashion Week Hairstyles

Seoul Fashion Week, the annual meeting of fashionistas from all over the world, are enjoyed by the most fashion-forward Korean celebrities.  Today we’ll review BAP’s Zelo, Jongup and Korean actor Kim Ji Hoon’s hairstyles.

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BAP’s Zelo, Actor Kim Ji Hoon, BAP’s Jongup at SFW

BAP’s Zelo is seen with a straight-bang haircut. Although not gelled-back or particularly styled, this accentuates a clean-cut, gentlemanly image.

Korean actor Kim Ji Hoon’s hairstyle is a trendier look, making him look years younger than he actually is. It’s essentially a take on Big Bang-Taeyang’s wet-hair look, however only the bangs are wet and styled. This creates the illusion of a longer face shape and matches perfectly with his hipster-like outfit.

BAP’s Jongup’s look is another currently trending favorite among the biggest names in Kpop. This look essential made its debut in Big Bang’s music video Bang Bang Bang. The vocal, Daesung, was seen with this hairstyle. (WOW there’s another Big Bang member starting a trend) This hairstyle is a very different take on the “long-bang” look. The bangs are styled so that they cover the eyes. I guess this actually does help in putting more focus on the fashion of the wearer… ^.*


Fall Seoul Fashion Week Street Style Looks!! :

Park Bo Gum’s Bangs:

Middle Part Bangs:

Comma Hair Bangs:

Styling Bangs for the Comma Hair Look:


Written by Yooj