SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Hair Colors

In addition to being the world-renowned rap, vocal, and acoustic remake king, Joshua is well-known through the netizen community for his unique visuals as well! His unique cat eyes and lips make him a distinct visual in the Kpop world. And, when you have uniqe visuals like his, stylists are bound to have lots of fun! His hair stylists in particular have done a lot of experimenting with him. Today, we’ll be having a short gallery on Joshua’s different hair colors. Since he’s had pretty natural colors for a while, we’ll add in a couple of hair styles as well! I’d like to add that we won’t be adding any predebut photos here. As much as I love him, some hairstyles are best forgotten. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this collection of Seventeen Joshua’s hair colors and styles!


Seventeen Joshua’s Hair Colors and Styles


Adore U-Dark Chocolate Brown

Okay, I kind of lied. If you want to be specific, this hairstyle was like a week before their debut. But, it was on TV so I’m letting it be in. Here, Jisoo’s wearing the dark brown hair with a slight side part.


For Seventeen’s debut promotions, Jisoo put his hair down, but kept the same color. He looks a lot younger with this style, right?


Mansae- Orange Caramel

For ‘Mansae,” Jisoo freshened things up a bit and took on an orange-caramel color. For the MV and first half of his promotions, he kept the side part that he had in the pre-Adore U stage.


Again, Jisoo keeps the same color here, but adds an undercut and lets his hair fall down. His undercut looks like his natural hair color, so there’s some two-tone action going on there.


I know this isn’t technically the Mansae era, but his hair color is basically the same, so here it is! In Seventeen’s calendar shooting, he had the same orange hair, mixed in with his natural roots of course. He also made his hair part a bit messier, so that it was hard to tell what his part was.


Pretty U- Milk Chocolate Brown

Like half of all the Seventeen members, Jisoo had a medium-toned brown hair color during ‘Pretty U.’ He still has a darker color for his undercut, though.


Very Nice

Ah yes. The golden era of Joshua’s hair colors. Since we already went over his brown tones, I’m going to skip his teaser and MV hair colors, since they’re pretty similar to his past colors.

Grapefruit Pink

Non-fans turned into fans when this gif was released into the netizen world. Netizens obviously were loving Jisoo’s pink-orange hair color, and I was loving just as much. He keeps his hair down at first.


Later, Jisoo kept the same color but parted it in his usual 6:4 side part.

His hair dye either was fading, or this color seriously looks different in every photo. It looks slightly ashy in this gif!



This wasn’t really in the ‘Very Nice’ era either, but they performed it, so I’m going to say it counts. He finally dyed his hair into a black, which made him look a lot older and more mature than his previous styles!


Boom Boom


Here comes the black color for Joshua’s hair again! Even though his hair is black, he has it styled much differently than the other times. Joshua’s hair is usually very clean and neat, but here, it’s a bit messier.




I was going to say milk chocolate, but I already used that, didn’t I? Jisoo’s wearing a much lighter shade of brown for the rest of his ‘Boom Boom’ promotions. For no particular reason other than beauty, here’s three pictures an gifs of the same exact style.

Metallic Lavender

I honestly don’t remember when exactly he haid this hairstyle. But, I’m sure it was after ‘Boom Boom’ and before ‘Don’t Wanna Cry,’ so I’m just going to drop it here. His silvery-lavender hair here makes him look like he just came out of a manhwa!


Don’t Wanna Cry

Toasted Brown

For his teaser pictures and in the MV, Jisoo had the light brown hair going on again. And, his favorite 6:4 part made a comeback! Only here, his front bangs are separated for more definition.


For the rest of his promotions, Jisoo had a mix of red, orange, AND brown in his hair. I have no idea what the color’s name is, but it defintely is pretty.


And that’s the end of the gallery! I hoped you had a lot of fun looking through it! I myself enjoyed searching for these lovely pictures. As you can see, I’m trying to add as much gifs as I can now.








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