Most Iconic BTS Hair Colors

BTS has been around since 2013, and they just celebrated their 4 year anniversary a month ago! In those short four years, the group has gone through a lot, and made a ton of breakthroughs in the Kpop scene. As they made a bigger name for themselves, their hair stylists probably went through a lot to make sure to make the boys look as good as possible. Here’s a short gallery of some of the most iconic BTS hair colors from their debut up until now! There’s some good and some bad, but in the end, these are the ones that we remember the most!


BTS Hair Colors



Milky Neopolitan Pink

Nearly half of the BTS members have gotton this hari color, or a color very similar. We all know that pink is one of Jin’s favorite colors, so seeing him wear this milky Neopolitan Pink hair color makes us all happy!


Platinum Blonde

Even if you aren’t an ARMY, it’s hard to not know of this iconic hairstyle. Jin gained a ton of popularity among netizens when he came out with this blindingly bright hair color.


Mint green

Here’s another hair color that is pretty hard to ignore if you’re in the Kpop scene. For ‘Run,’ Suga surprised us all with this unique color. The bright and carefree color tricked us all into thinking that ‘Run’ would be like that too, but we were surprised again!

Neopolitan Pink

This hair color is really similar to Jin’s, but Suga’s hair seems to have more pink hues. There’s also less of the milky color. The layers that he added in with his color made his hair appear to have a lot of different hues of the color too!




Grapefruit Pink

This hair color on J-Hope looks relatively similar to Jin’s and Suga’s pink dyes. J-Hope doesn’t really have much of a milky tint on his hair though, so the pink hue shows up a bit darker and is more defined.

Toasted Orange

Here, J-Hope is sporting a toasted orange color. Orange itself is usually a very bright color, but his hair is a muted orange that doesn’t come off as too strong. The darker hues are closer to a brown, so the color still looks natural-ish while still being somewhat unique.


Rap Monster


Icy Blue

Out of all the BTS hair colors, Namjoon probably has had the most share in the different colors. He’s been very experimental with his hair, and has used some of the most unique colors! Here, he’s in an icy blue color. Like this blue, most of his hair colors are cool-toned and icy-looking.


Iced Lavender

This hair color sure isn’t one that you see a ton of the time on male idols. Rap Monster mixes a light lavender with icy grey and white to make this white-hued lavender. The cool, white tones make the lavender color look cool, and the light is able to bounce off of it this way.



While this look wasn’t the most favorite for a lot of ARMYs, it was definetey memorable. Rap Monster hopped onto the rainbow-colored hair trend that was started by SM artists, but took an interesting approach. All the dyes used were a more pastel, cool toned color. There wasn’t any strong colors or any strong highlights, which is interesing.






For the “Fire” comeback, lots of fans were excited to see his drastic hair change. In the teasers, his hair looks like a bright, fire-hydrant red, but it looks like his hair is more of a deeper-hued red. There seems to be a bit of purple mixed in with the red, which gives it a darker appearance.

Bright Orange

Jimin’s hair here is a bright, show-stopping orange, which I’m sure everyone loved to see. There doesn’t seem to be any other colors that are mixed in. Just a true, bright orange.



Brown and Dark Green

“Run” sure had a lot of great looks for BTS hair colors! Taehyung is sporting a hazlenut brown as his base, and then adds dark green highlights. It’s one of the most unique combinations that I’ve ever seen, but he manages to pull it off pretty well!


Fiery Red

There’s no other way to describe this hair color. It’s just a true red. Usually, a lot of idols will mix in other hues with the red to make it easier to wear. V, however, dove right into the base red, and he looks great in it!




For “Fire,” Jungkook had a deep purple hair color, which tricked us into sometimes thinking it was a dark blue or black! Since the purple was so pigmented, it looked black in some angles! This is a great color for those that want a look that is different, but not completely show-stopping.


Walnut Brown and Faded Pink Ribbon


For “Spring Day,” Jungkook wore one of the prettiest hair color combinations that I’ve ever seen on a male idol! He had a light, walnut-hued brown for his base, but he added faded pink highlights here and there. It softened his features a lot, which was perfect for their softer sound on “Spring Day.”


I hope you enjoyed the gallery and that you’ll be able to find some inspiration from this post!

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