SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion

SNSD just released their 10th anniversary relese, “Holiday Night!” The music video dropped on August 4th, but even the teasers have given us a handful of fashion advice! Everytime SNSD comes back, there’s always a new style that takes over in Korea. Old trends are new trends, and newer trends are old trends. The Girls’ Generation members sported a ton of fashion trends from the the 60s and 70s, like tie-dyes and big, flashy sequins! It looks like those two patterns are making a comeback in the fashion world, or at least in Korea. The trend that we’re going to look into today is the sequin trend! Make sure to check out SNSD’s “Holiday Night” music video too! So, let’s take a look at SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion! I just wanted to add that I wasn’t able to add every member, only the ones that are wearing sequined outfits.

SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion


Hyoyeon’s sequined jacket has a cute, weirdly heart-shaped design. The cherry pink colored-sequins matched with the black lace would have made me crnige a bit if it wasn’t Hyoyeon, but for some reason, I want this jacket now! She usually wore the jacket like a normal blazer, but here she throws it off her shoulder for a more sophisticated look.

Hyoyeon definetely had a lot of fun with all her blazers! Here, she’s sporting a bright, shiny, silver-an-red sequined blazer. The blazer’s red collar has a pretty unique cut. It’s not quite halfway, and it’s also cut at an interesting angle. For some reason, it looks like what someone would wear on the Fourth of July.


Sooyoung has an all-silver ensemble, unlike Hyoyeon. Sooyoung’s going all-out with her sequins statement! She has a full-body sequined outfit with black ribbon details that add some shape to the look. It’s definetely only a look that we’ll be able to see at parties!


Silver must be a new trend too, because almost all of the members have tried it out so far! Sunny’s wearing a sequined jacket that’s pure silver. Since her jacket is one solid color, her floral patterned skirt and bright red tank top definetely is a good move. It makes the outfit look fun and bold, not monotonous.


Taeyeon probably has the most unique outfit of SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion! She has a short, black dress that covers her left half, while a white-net and silver-sequined dress (?) covers her right side. Since her two dresses have a deeper V-Cut, she has a thick silver choker fastened around her neck so it doesn’t look empty.


Yoona’s outfit is like a mix of tie-dye and sequins! Her multi-colored shirt gives off a strong statment, but unlike the other girls, her top isn’t too shiny. So, it looks like she chose a metallic-colored lace-up skirt to compensate for that. Her outfit has color, texture, and shine!




Yuri has the same sequin pattern that Yoona’s shirt had, but it’s on a dress now! She has a black tank top underneath her dress, which is full of multicolored sequins! Since the dress itself is so colorful and reflective, she doesn’t go overboard with accesories.


I hope you enjoyed looking through SNSD’s “Holiday Night” Sequin Fashion! Try it out for yourself sometime!

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