Samuel and Chungha’s “With You” Fashion

Samuel just dropped his debut album, “Sixteen” on August 2nd, and he’s busy promoting it for the next few weeks. Of course, he’s performed his title track, “Sixteen,” but he’s showcased a lot of his other songs too. The track that he’s shown a lot lately is “With You,” which features former IOI member Chungha! Like Samuel’s “Sixteen” fashion, Samuel and Chunga’s “With You” stage had great outfits for anyone who loves streetstyle! So, we’re going to look at Samuel and Chungha’s “With You” fashion from Samuel’s debut stage at MCountdown. They’re both really simple and easy-to-follow outfits, so check them out and try for yourself! Make sure to check out the track later too, if you haven’t already!

Samuel and Chungha’s “With You” Fashion from MCountdown



First of all, I apologize for the terrible quality that most of the pictures are. I tried my best to get decent shots, but I guess two main dancers don’t exactly stay still for more than half a second. Luckily, Mnet’s cameramen are here to save! Samuel’s outfit here isn’t incredibly ground-breaking in terms of fashion, but it still is a good look that’s easy to wear.

First, he has light blue, faded, ripped skinny jeans that aren’t too tight. Recently, I noticed that a lot of male Kpop Idols are wearing looser jeans these days, which is probably a good thing. I think we’ve had enough pant-ripping experiences from Taemin. Samuel’s jeans are a bit looser, and they’re only ripped at the knees, which is pretty interesting. He has a plain black tee, and a black leather jacket to top it off. We haven’t seen leather jackets for a while now, but Samuel manages to make the fading trend look oh-so 2017. His signature silver chain and bracelet add a bit more brightness to the look, while keeping the overall vibe.


I couldn’t find any active Chungha fansites that were at this performance, so please bear with me and these low-quality pictures. Chungha literally went all-black for the concept. Other than her accesories, her whole outfit is completely black! Again, this outfit is more simple, but it’s great for a quick look that still looks good.

She has a sleeveless black crop top and black skinny jeans for her outfit. That’s it. This is probably going to be one of the easiest fashion looks that we’ll ever be posting in terms of her clothes. But, since, having all-black can get boring for some people, she added a lot of cool accesories to spice things up. Like Samuel, she has a silver chain around her neck. Chungha’s is a bit thinner, shorter, and it doesn’t have a pendant. In addition to that, she has a silver wrap-around bracelet on her upper arm that adds some life to the outfit, and a thick, silver-and-gold bracelet on her other wrist. You can probably see it better in the second picture!


That’s all for Samuel and Chungha’s “With You” Fashion! Here’s a gif of the two, just because~

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