BTS MAMA Airport Fashion – ’95 liner V & Jimin on the Way to MAMA

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BTS’ ’95 liners V and Jimin were spotted at the airport on their way to MAMA in Hong Kong, with fashion looks that drew attention in the hustling and bustling of screaming fans and picture-taking crowds, all trying to get a glimpse of the two famed and followed stars and the BTS MAMA Airport Fashion. Before we start getting … Read more BTS MAMA Airport Fashion – ’95 liner V & Jimin on the Way to MAMA

BTS BBMA Airport Fashion – Landed in Las Vegas

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BTS has done it once again, surprising the world with the shocking news of becoming the first Kpop act to be nominated for the Billboard Music Awards! Currently, the votes are showing BTS to be taking the lead (by far), beating Western acts including Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in the category of Top Social … Read more BTS BBMA Airport Fashion – Landed in Las Vegas

IDOL INSPIRATION: Seventeen Woozi’s Fashion

Today’s fashion inspiration post will be centered around Seventeen’s Woozi! Also, just as a sidenote, I will be starting a new theme, which is to post style inspiration from differen idols, and I’ll be starting with Seventeen. The main goal of these posts is to try and find the idol that most fits your personal preference, so it’s easier to find a go-to outfit inspiration.

Woozi may be famous for his shorter height and cute looks, but as many Carats will know, his personality is almost the polar opposite of his appearence. World’s #1 aegyo and skinship hater, in addition to being a very articulate and somewhat intimidating producer/composer. He’s a man of few words, but when he does speak, we know every one of the Seventeen members make sure that they listen. I feel like his fashion seems to speak the same way.

We can usually tell the difference between when Woozi dresses himself, and when a sylist dresses him. Stylists seem to love to put polka dots, pink, hawaiian print, and all sorts of  eye-popping outfits. However, Woozi’s personal style is the opposite of this. Simplistic, but it leaves an impression. Unlike the usual flashy outfits that most idols like to sport, Woozi seems to favor very casual styles, trying to blend in as much as he can: basic patterns and oversize clothing, particularly sweater paws. Another unique part of his fashion is how he prefers looser-fitting jeans or pants over the usual skin-tight idol jeans. Check out a few of the images below, and see if his style would is similar with yours!











So, what are the main points of Seventeen’s Woozi’s fashion?

  • Oversize sweaters
  • Neutral/Dark Tones with hints of color
  • Basic patterns/Solid Colors
  • Sweater Paws(!)
  • Loose-fitting pants
  • Baseball cap + Mask

That’s all for the overview of Woozi’s fashion! I personally really love his approach to fashion, it helps to match his appearence with his personality. Since he has a more basic approach to fashion, it’s also a lot easier to follow his style as well. Try it out for yourself, and see how you like it!


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