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The Perfect Idol Winter Outfit Ideas

Hello, everyone! I’m back after a week of hiatus… Sorry about that… Its been finals week so I’ve been off from the site for a while, but now we’re back. And you can look forward to some great winter-related posts! It’s hard to look cute in the winter time, especially with all the puffy coats, boat-like boots, blanket-scarves, and TRON-like mittens, but this post will give you some great inspiration on idol winter outfit ideas ~ Keep in mind many of these looks can be pulled off by both girls and guys!


I think it’s so difficult to style great outfits in the winter due to the heavy layering that always goes on. It’s hard to show off your knit sweater with embellished detailing when your coat is covering everything from your shoulders to your knees. But you can always work that negative to your advantage! That’s why Kpop idols tend to focus on COAT FASHION in the winter, and below you’ll see some common idol winter outfit ideas you’ll see on your favorite Kpop stars!


korea korean kpop idol girl group band twice ioi snsd coat black skirt idol winter outfit ideas tteokbokki duffle coat fashion styles girls women kpopstuffFor the girly girls who can’t give up their skirts despite the cold weather, this outfit is for you! A black skirt is essential to any girl’s closet, and IOI’s Jeon Somi, SNSD’s Taeyeon, and TWICE’s Dahyun pairs it with a Duffel Coat (commonly called a Tteokbokki Coat in Korea). Pairing the coat with a black skirt that comes right above the knees creates a graceful, girly look.

I finally found out why the coat is named after the spicy rice-cake dish! This throwback coat emanates a youthful and lovely aura, which reminds many Koreans of their school-age days, where they would stop by tteokbokki carts on their way to school.


korea korean kpop idol girl group boy band group exid hani sunmi red velvet yeri sheepskin lambskin coat jeans denim idol winter outfit ideas girls women guys kpopstuffI personally love sheepskin coats, so much so that I can’t help but stroke each one of them when there’s an aisle of them at the department store. Sheepskin coats are soft and stylish, keeping you warm and still looking fashionably fly: which is the main goal of all fashionistas in the winter months.

While EXID’s Hani and Red Velvet’s Yeri pair the coat with light jeans, ‘Gashina’s Sunmi goes for the GIRL-CRUSH look with dark jeans and a black sheepskin coat.

Speaking of Sunmi, have you seen the 2017 MAMA performance of Sunmi’s Gashina that happened just last week? Get ready to be shocked by SUNMI’s sexy performance, with an equally sexy TAEMIN featuring!!


korea korean kpop idol boy band group b1a4 jinyoung actor kdrama yang se jong produce 101 idol winter outfit double button coat hoodie casual fashion styles men kpopstuffHoodies are the perfect casual look, while double-button coats are perfect formal-wear. Thus, the pairing of these two very different looks is the perfect combination of casual and formal. Like B1A4’s Jinyoung and actor Yang Se Jong, match this look with dark sneakers to pull off that ‘campus-senior’ vibe.

I like to refer to these kinds of looks as ‘the perfect-boyfriend’ looks, just because they give off such a nice aura: friendly, gentlemanly, formal, just all around perfect.



korea korean kpop idol band group kdrama actress yoon seung ah jbj kwon hyun bin kim ah joong long coat turtleneck knit sweater idol winter outfit fashion airport kpopstuff

Trust me, it gets pretty cold in Minnesota, and so sometimes a coat just isn’t enough. For those days, pairing a long, flowing coat with a turtleneck knit sweater gives off just the perfect atmosphere of grace and makes you look like a fashion pro.

You can go the classic and simple way like actresses Yoon Seung Ah and Kim Ah Joong with the elegant OG pairings: plaid trench/white turtleneck, white turtleneck/skinny jeans, or go for a street style like JBJ’s Kwon Hyun Bin, incorporating some sporty styles here and there.

STYLING TIP: If you have a very round face, this style might not bring out your best features, so instead of a turtleneck, go for a a V-neck knit sweater!


korea korean kpop idol girl group boy band kdrama actress lee ming jung lee sun bin idol winter outfit fashion grey gray coat black knit sweater girls women guys kpopstuffIf, like me, you’re a dark soul and have a mostly dark closet full of mostly black clothes, this might be your favorite pairing on this list. Grey is a great complement of black, and in fashion it’s no different.

Actress Lee Min Jung pairs her look with a checkered skirt and knee-high boots for a polished winter look while the rumored fashionista Lee Sun Bin’s casual outfit captures our hearts with its long, checkered coat and white sneaker pairing.


Don’t worry about what to wear from your closet every day, but take these tips from the style professionals: Kpop Idols. 

What’s your favorite pairing on this list?


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