Kpop Idol’s Mismatched Lenses

Kpop idols have been throwing out some of the wildest concepts that the world has ever seen. And surprisingly, they can usually pull it off, perfectly. There’s been a lot more mediocre and subtle trends, like the gradient lip and straight brows, and those trends are being used by almost all of South Korea, and even around the world. But what makes us all excited is anticipating what kinds of trends will be in store for Kpop fans next! We’re always excited when a big group comes out with a fun music video, because we know that there’ll be a million trends and new fashions to try. A couple years back, Mismatched lenses was a hot trend, but it didn’t catch as much attention as I thought it would! This trend was used sparsely in 2014 through 2016, but I haven’t seen any big waves of the mismatched lenses trend this year. But, you never know when they’ll come back! Plus, we always love going back down memory lane for short-lived trends like this, so here we go!

Kpop Idol’s Mismatched Lenses Trend


F(x)’s Amber

Back in 2013, we were all surprised when f(x) came out with “Rum Pum Pum,” with different colored contacts in! F(x) was probably one of the first female Kpop groups to introduce this trend. Idols had worn colored contacts before, but they usually never mixed-and-matched the colors! But here, Amber shakes the usual trend up and uses one honey-brown contact, and another icy blue contact for a contrasting look.

Boyfriend’s Donghyun

Boyfriend took this trend from f(x) to use it in their concept for “Witch.” Since the concept for the song and music video was dark and scary, they used the icy white contacts in one eye to highlight the supernatural theme. It definetely worked for me!

EXID’s Hani

Just last year, the trend of mismatching contact lenses was revived by none other than EXID’s Hani! She used one green contact and one light brown contact for her contrast. I love how she matched the colors of her contact with her hair!



In her album Chat-Shire, IU posed in this mysterious still with a white sweater and two very different eye colors! Her use of the dark brown and blue lenses for a difference definetely draws in a lot of attention to her picture!

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