2017 Korean Hair Trend-“Poodle Bangs”

Most Red Velvet fans are probably already aware of this new hairstyle trend that is taking off in 2017. The “Poodle Bangs” are the style that all the hair salons in Korea are giving to their customers. They give off a very laid-back and retro vibe, which is drastically different from Korea’s usual style. Wrinkled and messy, these bangs are sure to give you the best “woke-up-like-this” look that you’ll ever get! Let’s go through a few pictures from celebrities and models alike to show what the style really looks like!


 Red Velvet


Red Velvet were probably one of the first idols to bring the trend of “Poodle Bangs” into mainstream Korea. Already being known as the icons of funky fashion in Kpop, their “Poodle Bangs” were the perfect match for a song like “Dumb Dumb.” Their bangs are very thick and are a two-tone color, which add to the funky concept for “Dumb Dumb.”

Lee Si Young


For the press conference of her 2013 movie, “Killer Toon,” Lee Si Young was spotted with this unique hairstyle. It wasn’t really talked about much until recently, when this hairstyle began to trend. Her bangs are thick and messy, which adds some volume to her bangs.


Model #1


The model shown here wears her “Poodle Bangs” a bit differently than the styles that we’ve seen before. By using only a few curled strands for her bangs, she manages to incorporate the “wisp bangs” trend with her “poodle bangs.”

Yoo Eun-Hye


Instead of pulling her bangs on her forehead, Yoo Eun-Hye swept them to the side for one of her press conferences. Even though it’s the same bang style, she shows that there’s no way that you can’t spice things up if you want to be different!


Model #2


Here, a model shows us yet again another way to style you “poodle bangs” so that they don’t look like how most usually do it. It’s a very soft-looking variation of the usual “poodle bang” style. She curls her hair in two place, her roots and the middle of her bangs. By curling her roots she adds a mor messy look to her hair, and her middle curl gives her hair volume.

Kim Ji Won


Kim Ji-Won seems to be using the same method as the model mentioned before. She also uses another variation on the trend. Except for her, she opts out of curling her roots and the middles of her bangs. Instead, she curls just the tips of her bangs. It’s almost like she has a bunch of “heart bangs” that group together to make her poodle perm.



Because we are showing examples for this hairstyle, it’d be hard to skip Taeyeon as an example. Taeyeon seems to have her own take on their trend. She mixes different textures of curl style for her bangs. Some bangs are more curled than others, but when they’re grouped together, they make a super natural poodle bang look.


“Poodle Bangs”- Model


This model uses almost the same concept as the first model. It’s another creative fusion of “Poodle Bangs” and “Wisp Bangs!” She uses even less hair to pull over her forehead. It looks great, and is probably ideal for people who don’t want to have bangs every day. If you need, you can just pull the few strands aside!


Model #3


Here’s another view of the “poodle bang” look! This model has the tradition “poodle bang,” so her bangs are very textured and tousled. Her hair doesn’t have a crazy amount of hair, just one noticeable one, but it looks like there’s so much more!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s overview of one of Korea’s hottest hair trends! If you were wondering about the Wisp Bangs (aka See-through bangs) and Heart Bangs, check out the likes below to learn more!

Wisp Bangs

Heart Bangs

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