2017 Korean Hair Trend- “Hippie Perms”

The “Hippie Perms” are another huge hair trend in Korea. Like the “Poodle Bangs” that we mentioned earlier, they give a nice easy, messy, don’t-care look. It’s surprisingly different from most hairstyles that trend in Korea. Sulli was probably one of the first celebrities to introduce the look. Today, celebrities and the regular girls in Korea are all digging this look! Want to see how it looks on other people before you try it yourself? Look no further! Here’s a small gallery of a few celebs and regulars rocking their take on “Hippie Perms!”


A Short “Hippie Perms” LookBook!

Here’s a combination of the “Poodle Bangs” AND “Hippie Perms!” To no one’s surprise, these two hairstyles are actually paired together A LOT. In fact, most Korean girls won’t get their “Hippie Perms” if there aren’t any “Poodle Bangs” that will go with it!


Unlike all the other models that we’re going to see, this model has “Hippie Perms” with a shorter bob! It’s not a style that you’ll see that easily, especially since there aren’t any “Poodle Bangs” to accompany the model’s “Hippie Perms!” But, hey, trends should be followed in all different ways!


Here’s another classic look for the “Hippie Perms!” Mid-length hair, slight side bangs that soften her face, and of course, the signiture curls! I think Korea really loves this trend for how youthful it makes you look. The model looks innocent and youthful in this hair!

Sulli’s Take on the “Hippie Perm”


Of course, we can’t mention this hairstyle without showing Sulli! Her visual status and talent for raking in a lot of attention, whether it’s good or bad, definetely gave this style a lot of love and attention. Sulli also used her “Hippie Perm” with a “Poodle Bangs” style. She pulls her hair up for a more flirty look, while her hair down looks fun but also modern!


This model here has a little bit of a different take on her “Hippie Perm.” She only has a slight layer for her bangs, and she also only curled the bottom 4/5 of her hair. By leaving some of her hair straight, she’s able to give a bit more unique and clean look.


On the other hand, this model really went all out with her curls! Her “Poodle Bangs” are curled to the extreme, which makes her bangs spring up short. It’s definetely a great look for those that are going for the cutesy look!


This model shows a drastically different style of hippie perms. It looks like she curled all of her hair at first, but then brushed most of it out. Her bangs are the only parts of her hair that are fully curled, while the rest of her hair is a bit more messy and frizzy. It’s a unique look that you could use on special occasions outside!

Hope you all had fun going through the little lookbook! If you aren’t committed yet, just make sure you always keep this style as an option. It could look better than you would have thought!

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