BlackPink Lisa’s Hair Colors

Blackpink has only been around for about a year now, but they’re already considered top-class idols of the third generation. People flock onto their Youtube channel to see their record-breaking MVs, and we can’t help noticing their style! Blackpink is definetely one of the biggest style icons of their generation! They’ve modeled things from handbags to cosmetics, and all the girls in Korea are ready to spend when BlackPink is modeling! It’s pretty clear that we’re all obsessed with their style. While their fashion is to die for, their hair colors are also pretty unique. Lisa is especially focusing on bringing in more fans with her unique hair colors, and I thought we’d have a short gallery of her best hair colors. There’s a lot more than you would think! So, get ready to see all of Lisa’s Hair colors!


BLACKPINK Lisa’s Hair Colors

Copper and Dirty Blonde


Platinum Blonde and Strawberry Pink

Platinum Blonde

Black Bean, Platinum Blonde, and Lime Green

Silver and Navy Blue

Coffee Bean, Platinum Blondem and Mint Green

Coffee Bean and Vanilla Blonde

Lemon Blonde and Fire Orange

True Red


I hope you had a good time looking through the gallery of all Lisa’s hair colors! Like you’ve probably noticed, Lisa uses a lot of two-tone and highlights, even three-tone colors at times. She uses a lot of the same base colors, especially platinum blonde, but by switching up her highlights and roots, it never looks the same!

Next time you go in for a dye, try to take some styling tips from Lisa’s dye styles! Two-tone dyes are a definite, and three-tone colors can be great too! Most people like to touch up their roots, but Lisa left them alone, which let her hait turn into a unique ombre! It’s unique and doesn’t even cost anything! Her highlights are great too! Sometimes her ends of her hair is highlighted, and sometimes it is highlighted in a choppy way that makes it look layered. Since she had a very straight cut, it could look boxy, but the highlighted layers make it look much more dimensional!


Want some more styling tips from BlackPink?

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